3 Reiki Symbol To Help Heal Romantic Relationships

Human connections are the core of our society.

Whether it’s about building friendships, learning how to connect to relatives, or simply communicating with people, these connections support our growth and help us become aware of our qualities and flaws.

Among these various interactions, romantic relationships are probably the ones that have the most significant impact.

This happens because we, as humans, develop from the core. We manifest these energies at all levels when we share deep feelings with someone.

Still, one stands out among the rest – the inner self.

People who create this intimate connection between them share a special bond that links their entire structure.

And… the ultimate goal is to heal at the inner self level.

How To Approach Romantic Relationships

Throughout a lifetime, it’s normal to transition through various types of relationships. You discover yourself by surfacing imbalances, exposing your anger, and feeling sadness or resentment.

But… the unfortunate reality is that most people don’t know they must leave the past behind and progress. As a result, they fail to have closure or learn from that experience. Instead, they enter the next one with animosity toward the opposite sex and even themselves.

Therefore, they fail to pursue the ultimate goal – healing each other’s inner selves.

So… what can you do about it?

I believe that it’s essential to accept that a relationship is a mirror of your traits.

Once you’ve ended a profound connection, look back at that experience from both sides. Try to assess what happened and what type of person you’ve become. Take those lessons with you, and then… let go of the past.

Call it therapy or introspection

Regardless, it’s a spiritual gift you just received, so be grateful for it and use it to improve at all levels.

Adding this spiritual component to your experience will significantly enhance your development.

Whether it’s a karmic-based or a twin-flame romantic relationship, things can go up and down pretty quickly. Before you know it, you could be in and out feeling empty and confused.

Yet, you can learn so much about yourself and the world you interact with by simply taking a step back and reflecting.

How To Heal Romantic Relationships With Reiki

Reiki has the ability to help improve and even heal love relationships.

Practice the following exercise with your partner for 10 days in a row. Even if the outcome differs from what you may have expected, things tend to harmonize and balance after a few sessions.

This method involves three Reiki symbols that work great in romantic relationships:

  • Sei He Ki – brings harmony, balance, and emotional healing;
  • Shika Sei Ki – allows the cleansing and integration of the soul;
  • Harth – activates the flow of universal life force energy from the highest dimensions. Its divine influence helps regenerate the emotional layers.

NOTE: If only one of you is attuned to Reiki, activate your partner’s palms with their consent. If you don’t have the Karuna Reiki attunement, the Reiki spirit guides will act in accordance with your intention and support you in healing that relationship.

  • Schedule a quiet time throughout the day when you can sit with your partner distraction-free and relax;
  • You can perform this meditation sitting in a chair, in a lotus position, or simply standing;
  • Play high-vibrational music and light a candle or incense;
  • Activate your palms with Sei He Ki + Shika Sei Ki + Harth Reiki symbols;
  • Activate the same sequence on your heart chakra areas;
  • Declare your intention to heal your romantic relationship. There’s no need to be too specific, as the universal energy will know how to guide you. That’s why it’s essential to end your intention with: “For my greater good and the people involved!”;
  • Face each other’s palms and begin channeling energy to each other;
  • Close your eyes and allow the calming environment to take you beyond the physical realm;
  • Breath slowly and consciously;
  • As the air flows in and out and the energy travels through your body, empty your mind. At this point, you don’t want to envision a certain outcome. Instead, you’re looking to heal and be guided, not influence or manipulate;
  • Remain like this for 10-15 minutes;
  • Slowly open your eyes at the end of the session and share your feelings and experience with your partner;

Things To Consider

This is an intense and personal exercise that involves two people. Being honest with yourself is challenging on its own, let alone trying to do it with another person.

Therefore, avoid rushing, raising your voice, or forcing ideas. Rather listen and think about the connection. The goal is to find the answers you couldn’t see due to everyday buzz.

When two people come together like this, the result is often exponential. In this case, 2+2 equals more than 4, and the connection moves beyond the physical realm.

It’s when you begin to address the relationship at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels and become aware of elements you couldn’t surface individually.

Leave expectations aside and embrace the possibility of encountering surprising answers.

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