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blissd by ReikiScoop is a weekly email newsletter with Reiki insights and energy healing methods plus the best hand-picked spiritual, health, and personal growth resources to support your journey.

The Format

Part 1 – Each issue starts with a short lesson that you can implement as soon as you finish reading.

This first part is flexible and can differ in shape and size. It can include methods, tips, or techniques that have helped me and fellow practitioners find good results.

Part 2 – Is a selection of the best hand-picked online resources related to spirituality, health, and personal growth to support your journey.

Frequency – blissd by ReikiScoop is a weekly newsletter. This means we send out a new issue every Wednesday.

What To Expect

Once you sign up for blissd by ReikiScoop, you’ll receive a 7 part introductory series called Fundamental Reiki Principles, delivered one email at a time over the course of a week.

These will take you on a journey beyond the obvious and outline Reiki’s more profound role.

Even if it sounds sophisticated, this is not meant to confuse you.

On the contrary…

These principles helped me find clarity when confidence was lost and navigate uncharted waters with ease.

They came together after years of experimenting, failing, finding success, and enjoying Reiki along the way.

I’m sure they will enrich your practice and accelerate your progress as they did for me.

It’s also a way to get to know each other a little better. You’ll either resonate with ReikiScoop or hit “unsubscribe” before the second email hits your inbox.

This is a crucial step in our relationship – Setting the right expectations from the beginning and being transparent about how I view Reiki is a win for both of us.

From Our Readers

Loudi Potter Reiki Newsletter Testimonial

Rizona Newsletter Testimonial

Thank you, Vlad, for your generosity in sharing your information through your newsletter. Although I have worked with the symbols as a Reiki practitioner, your newsletter has helped me learn more about their uses and benefits. This has helped me immensely in healing myself and others. I’m always looking forward to reading the next issue. Your newsletter is a must-have resource for anyone looking to live a more balanced, purposeful life. It’s definitely one of my favorite emails.

– Rizona Ismail Watanabe

Leah Collins Reiki Newsletter Testimonial
Rachel mcd Reiki Newsletter Testimonial


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