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Welcome to blissd by ReikiScoop – a Reiki-first, spiritual newsletter designed to help you find inspiration and motivation… directly in your inbox.

We all love to get lost in the subjects that interest us.

It’s not uncommon to spend hours reading books or searching the web for stories that feed our curiosity.

But even though billions of web pages are only one click away, finding those that provide genuine value is often challenging.

At Blissd, our mission is to deliver actionable Reiki concepts in an easy-to-follow format, as well as the best hand-picked spiritual, health, and personal growth resources, straight to your inbox every week.

Living A Life Full Of Abundance

Reiki is a holistic type of energy healing, and we believe that well-being can only be created following the same principle.

Spiritual practices are an excellent way to travel deep inside yourself and surface answers to meaningful questions. But nurturing your mind, body, and soul is equally important in creating a life full of abundance.

Therefore, we’ve designed ‘blissd’ to be a newsletter with a broader reach and hopefully guide you toward the best solution for your current needs:

Body: Our environment is changing at a rapid pace. While it can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s also full of opportunities and options. Enjoying a high-quality life for longer is one of them, and being informed about what’s available can certainly help each of us age better.

Mind: Today, it’s easier than ever to discover another side of you through new skills and challenges. Stimulating your brain is essential in maintaining a high-quality lifestyle. This can take many forms but, essentially, is an effort you put toward constantly improving so you can reach a superior level of your existence.

Soul: While Reiki is our primary focus, we’re also inspired by other practices and methods. Whether they relate to energy healing or find their roots in psychology, we see a lot of value in complementary subjects. They provide us with a different perspective, often instrumental in improving our approach.

Take Your Spiritual Work One Step Forward

At ReikiScoop, we believe you can achieve a lot by simply having faith in your abilities to find balance.

But navigating through the noise and making sense of everything you encounter can become overwhelming and confusing. 

That’s why we’re constantly working on assembling the vast Reiki knowledge into digestible blocks because information overload is one of the primary drivers for lacking confidence.

Through ‘blissd’, ReikiScoop’s newsletter, we plan on taking this one step further by addressing specific spiritual elements and related concepts.

This exercise will hopefully raise your awareness and help you tap into higher consciousness levels surfacing meaningful questions:

What’s my role in this physical universe?

Where do I need to look (inside) to find that one change required to make a difference in my life?

Is the path I’m traveling the right one for my spiritual growth?

While all the above can take a lifetime to answer, becoming aware of them should not only be exciting but a door toward new possibilities.

Tapping into your spiritual potential will gradually balance your mental and emotional side, eventually improving your physical experience.

Yet, nothing will ever happen if you don’t take action.

Blissd is just the first step…

So join us on this exciting journey, and let’s put the flywheel in motion together.


Vlad | ReikiScoop

Enrich Your Reiki Experience

Discover Reiki insights and energy healing methods plus the best hand-picked spiritual, health, and personal growth resources to support your journey.

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