Shika So And Shika Sei Ki In Emotional Healing

Apart from our physical body, we also have an energetic structure.
More than this, our energetic anatomy is as complex as the physical one.

There are primary and secondary chakras, channels, and meridians that work together to facilitate the flow of the vital and universal life force energy.

We also have complex, subtle bodies that correspond to each of the energy centers. These support our potential for mental and spiritual evolution.

One of these fields is the emotional subtle body and one you want to pay attention to.

Why It Matters And How It Works

A month or so ago, after receiving the Karuna Reiki attunement, a student of mine told me:

“I had no idea what I was doing until I acknowledged what I needed to heal.”

One of the best ways to support our physical, energetic, and spiritual development is to work at the emotional and communication levels.

Without properly understanding these two elements, it’s difficult to see the full spectrum. But, once you do, it’s when you truly learn what requires healing, a crucial step in a healthy evolution.

Emotional healing is triggered by two factors: acknowledgment & action.

Communication healing is triggered by the desire to express yourself and the wisdom to do it harmoniously.

Both are connected and work together.

But they are independently correlated to our level of awareness.

What Does This Mean

Suppose you become aware that you have to verbally express a specific emotion to find healing. In that case, you must do it so that others empathize with you. If you’re seeking guidance from the people around you, establishing a healthy connection with them is key.

​This all happens at the emotional subtle body level.

Obviously, it requires more than just expressing your feelings to heal it.

But, sometimes, it’s more than enough.

Achieving emotional balance will help you focus on personal growth. Instead of being stuck in daily obstacles, you find a smoother path to evolution.

Still, don’t forget the importance of communication.

It’s the cornerstone of one’s development. It’s our way, as a society, to constantly evolve.

Sometimes we speak before we think. That’s why discipline and wisdom also come with emotional healing. In turn, this will help us become the perfect vessels through which the universal life force energy will manifest.

How Can We Improve Communication With Reiki

Communication is not limited to verbal interactions. True communication refers to one’s ability to harmoniously transmit a message throughout any output.

Shika Sei Ki and Shika So are the two Reiki symbols “designated” to heal the emotional side. You can also use them to address your ability to properly communicate with your inner self and others.

Shika Sei Ki – is the emotional healing symbol. It works well in the heart chakra area and helps remove depression, hate, and emotional suffering. Use it to regain the lost bits of your soul and find compassion, forgiveness, and self-trust.

Shika So – connects to the throat chakra. It helps remove health issues at this level, as well as communication blockages. You can even use it if you have stage fright. It promotes the expressiveness of inner emotions and feelings. It can support a healthy connection between couples or groups of people. Use Shika So to understand your inner self and learn to project that to the exterior life.

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