Heart Chakra And Why Going Beyond The Basics Is Worth The Effort

When you get to open up your heart and feel unconditional love for yourself, others, and the world around you, it’s when you can truly begin to live life from a place of happiness and self-love.

In this state of being, there is no room for fear or judgment because everything becomes possible!

Once you connect with your heart chakra on a deeper level than before, you’ll learn how to tap into your intuition and make better decisions in life.

But is this knowledge and awareness the endpoint?

Chakras play a crucial role in our health, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. These energy centers, gateways, or vortexes of energy help regulate our interactions with the world around us by giving us insight on how to best bring ourselves back into a state of harmony.

Each chakra has a physical, energetic, and spiritual component.

At the physical level – they coordinate and govern certain parts of our body.

At the energetic level – each chakra is responsible for the inward and outward flow of a specific type of energy that supports our body’s healthy function.

At the spiritual level – they represent the level where our awareness, understanding, and consciousness are filtered.

Keep in mind that each chakra is essential for your overall well-being. Also, if one is out of balance, it affects the others.

Yet, what makes the heart chakra “special” is that it acts as a gateway towards our soul. And our soul is the divine essence that allows us to manifest here, in the physical plane.

  • The potential, qualities, and beneficial energies that we are able to communicate in this lifetime are all encrypted within our souls;
  • Taking care of the energy that represents our soul is critical to our health and spiritual progress;
  • Although it may be found throughout the physical body, most of this energy is concentrated in the chest area, where the heart chakra resides;

At the physical level – the heart chakra governs the health of the heart, thymus, lungs, and circulatory system.

At the energetic level – the heart chakra handles the balance of your emotional body and the health of your soul. The more activated and cleansed, the more energy flows through its structure into your soul.

This process will help heal your emotional layer, leading to a gradual disperse of physical imbalances located within the heart area.

When this happens, your vibration increases, and, therefore, emotions such as compassion, love, forgiveness, and gratitude begin to manifest.

This results from cleansing and healing the heart chakra’s spiritual subtle body.

Let’s Offer An Example

I visited an old friend this weekend who has a long-time problem expressing his emotions. Furthermore, he is unable to describe his current state.

This blockage led to a significant cumulation of energy at his mental and emotional levels. But, of course, the results were also present in the physical plane.

Anxiety and episodes of depression slowly settled in. He managed them with medication as prescribed by his doctor but was still far from getting better.

When we had a chance to sit and talk, I asked him to let me practice Reiki on him. After he agreed, I started doing a complete treatment with a focus on the heart chakra to cleanse his soul.

After a single session, he felt more balanced and grounded. But what surprised me was that he started expressing his feelings more freely and was able to articulate his inner state better.

This is also possible because we’re very close, so it didn’t take long for him to open up. Still, there was a clear blockage before that. We had a long conversation about his past and present, and he felt relieved.

Of course, one Reiki session won’t solve the underlying issue. But if such results are possible so quickly, imagine doing this on a daily basis…