The 3 Required Elements For Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is probably the most common discussion among Reiki practitioners.

Having a good relationship with ourselves enables us to have confidence when we interact with other people.

Some Reiki practitioners achieve emotional healing easier than others.

It may seem abstract, but I’ve noticed that this outcome is not directly correlated with their experience. There are many other factors involved, like karma or the energies they interact with.

The answer could be somewhere in the middle. So, it depends on the person’s ability to understand their unique situation.

Yes, this comes with time and experience.

But it’s also easier for some, while others need to persevere.

For this to work, one has to see the concept of emotional healing as inner equilibrium and not a simple way to relax and find peace.

I Was There Once

I’ve been dealing with this issue since I was 15.

Even if I’ve made so much progress on all levels since then, there will always be something that needs healing, even emotionally.

If we were to reach perfection, we wouldn’t be part of the physical world anymore.

With time, I was able to simplify my thinking and become more efficient.

Hopefully, my experience will benefit you.

I’ve narrowed emotional healing to 3 crucial elements.

Of course, there are particularities for each of us, but the following steps do 80% of the work.

  • Acknowledge the imbalance;
  • Accept the universal life force energy as a way to heal the residual energies manifested through that imbalance;
  • Practice meditation and self-treatment regularly. This will help surface the root cause so you can heal it without affecting others in the process;

Acknowledge The Energy Flow

Without exceptions, we attract what we are and vice-versa.

This means that we are on the same frequency as the events that take place in our lives.

There’s also another side to the story.

Some handle their experiences better than others.

Here’s an example:

I’ve met a 63-year-old woman diagnosed with cancer who was a delight to spend time with and more joyful than a 31-year-old who was constantly depressed by negative interactions on her Instagram account.

It’s an extreme yet real example, but something to take into account.

The way we handle some events or the reason they manifest in our lives has a lot to do with our emotional health.

In a simple form, our inability to express our feelings can cause frustration and anger. In this case, the imbalance’s primary source could be our unwillingness to forgive ourselves and others.

Unfortunately, if left untreated, these imbalances create breaches in our energy system. Eventually, they burst and affect our physical bodies. It’s why we get sick and experience pain and even severe diseases.

Emotional Healing Methods

Reiki self-treatment – is one of the most efficient solutions. It helps you disconnect from the outside world and relax. It cleanses and optimizes your energetic body. Then, it enables you to bring the source of the imbalance to the surface so you can heal it.

Self-treatment is a wonderful way to cleanse your soul. This can help your energetic body regenerate and start your emotional healing process.

One way is to focus more on the heart chakra during self-treatment. Visualize how your soul becomes whole and sparkles with light.

You can also add the following sequence of Reiki symbols to enhance the effect:

Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Shika Sei Ki + Dai Ko Myo

This is one of the most potent combinations. Add Karuna and/or Shamballa Reiki symbols if you are attuned to them.

Meditation – is another way to heal at an emotional level. Reiki self-treatment and meditation can work perfectly together.

Close your eyes, relax, and visualize how a bright, white light descends from above and transitions your body. Accept its healing and be thankful for that moment.

Socialize – as much as you can. It’s ideal to do this with like-minded people so you can get honest and informative opinions. This is a beneficial exercise that can contribute a lot to your emotional health by building confidence.

Remember that healing your mind, soul, and emotional side is a big step toward spiritual evolution.

It’s that important.

The bottom line is to use the methods above and learn to forgive and love yourself. This is a crucial first step to inner peace and emotional healing.