Shadow Meditation

The ‘shadow’ represents unfulfilled desires accumulated at the inner-self level. These can be from the present or past lives.

The ‘shadow’ is not necessarily bad, but it represents parts of ourselves that we have neglected.

It’s also there to balance things out. We have the ability to harness both light and darkness, and we need them to thrive.

Together they create our inner strength.

When we face our shadow, it can be confronting. Still, as an essential part of our existence, it’s better to accept and work with it.

Finding balance at this level means learning how to control it harmoniously.

Once this happens, a world of possibilities opens up.

You can achieve a sense of self-mastery and a deep connection to your true nature.

Find your light in the darkness!

This beautiful metaphor encourages us to explore our inner-self and become more flexible.

Why Use The Shadow Meditation

For months, my teacher guided this meditation in almost every session. This aided me and others in healing our shadow while still honoring our bright side.

It enabled us to integrate the inner self’s energy with the universal life force energy and gradually increased our self-awareness.

The process inevitably led to better mental and emotional health.

NOTE: The shadow meditation is part of Karuna Reiki, but you may practice it regardless of the system you are attuned to.

Steps To Prepare

  • Find a peaceful moment during the day when you’re free from distractions;
  • Choose some soothing, high-vibrational music that you resonate with. 432Hz and 528Hz are excellent references;
  • You can light candles and incense but mind flammable materials;
  • Activate your chakras using Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and add Dai Ko Myo for level 3 Usui Reiki. Consider other Reiki symbols that you are attuned to;
  • Sit in a chair with your back straight and place your palms on your knees, facing upward;
  • Close your eyes and relax;

TIP: If you can, practice the Reiki self-treatment before engaging in this meditation. This will help raise your vibration and clearly channel the messages needed for your healing.

How To Perform The Shadow Meditation

  1. Consider entering the alpha state before starting the meditation to help calm and clear your mind;
  2. When you relax entirely, visualize yourself walking freely in a meadow and stepping on fresh, green grass;
  3. Look at the sky and identify the time of day you find yourself in. Inspect your clothes and shoes, if any. Notice what colors you are wearing and even the style you chose;
  4. As you are joyfully walking in the meadow, you’ll notice a forest opening on the right side. Step towards it and sense the trees, leaves, and branches. Listen to the sound of the wind;
  5. Entering the forest, you’ll find that all your worries, negative thoughts, and emotions are left behind. You feel lighter, freer;
  6. You’ll notice a stream of fresh, clean water as you continue to walk. Let it guide you towards a small valley where you can rest for a couple of minutes;
  7. A 10 feet tall rock will reveal itself in front of you. Relax and take a deep breath as you sit on the grass;
  8. At one point, your guardian angel will show itself from the rock’s left side;
  9. Greet it with respect and love. Ask about your life’s journey and if you’re on the right track. Seek guidance and clarity about your purpose. Try to learn more about what’s good for you and how to better serve the light;
  10. Don’t rush. Once you receive your answers, hug your guardian angel while offering your love and gratitude. It will return everything ten times over;
  11. If tears stream down your face, be happy! This means your soul is cleansing;
  12. Once everything starts to settle down, your guardian angel will disappear behind the rock into the corresponding dimension;
  13. Next, your shadow will approach you from the left side of the stone. Greet it with the utmost respect and ask if it’s pleased with your actions. See what areas you can improve so that it can feel appreciated;
  14. After receiving all the answers, ask your shadow if you can offer a hug. If the answer is yes, open your heart and show your love and compassion. Again, if tears stream down your face, don’t worry. It’s part of the healing process;
  15. Your shadow is now ready to return behind the rock and vanish into its dimension;
  16. After this experience, give yourself a moment to relax and reflect. When you feel ready, follow the stream back to the valley. Connect to the energy of the forest as you gently head towards the meadow;
  17. Once you’re back on the green grass, stay there for another couple of minutes to breathe in all the fresh air;
  18. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes as if you were waking up in the morning;

You may now resume your life but try to remember all the guidance you’ve received during this meditation.

There’s no need to share it unless you are confused about the path you need to follow.


  • Remember that neither the angel nor shadow will determine you to take actions that can potentially harm others;
  • The preparation steps are meant to connect you to the correct elements so you can be open and receptive to the messages. Consider them a prerequisite to the meditation;
  • Be aware of who you’ll communicate with. This will help you receive more precise messages;
  • Respect the angel and shadow as they reflect your inner self;
  • They will never judge you, so release all fears to prevent hindering the communication process;
  • Be grateful for this experience and everything you’ve learned;

The ‘shadow meditation’ is a potent tool that should not be taken lightly. However, if you are ready to face these truths, this procedure will help you on your journey.

If you are not ready, delaying the process is best until you feel more comfortable and confident about your decision. Trust your intuition! It will never lead you astray.