From Overwhelm To Inner Peace With Intuitive Healing

There are different types of energies flowing all around us.

Some are good, others less so.

Even entities can be present within this flow, influencing our state of being and decision-making process.

But, while it’s easy to attribute our feelings or circumstances to these external energies, it’s important to remember that they resonate with us based on our personal frequency.

Therefore, to better understand this phenomenon, I decided to look slightly deeper into what might impact spiritual practitioners who strongly connect with the universal life force energy.

A Journey Within

This resolution emerged from a physical discomfort I experienced the other week.

A very annoying pressure took over my head, making it feel heavy, like metal weights were hanging from my temples.

It wasn’t pain per se…

Rather, an accumulation of energies, thoughts, and worries that created this overwhelm.

I even had short moments of memory loss – not too severe, but still…

Life can throw real curveballs, and it becomes all too easy to invite negative emotions in those moments.

Fortunately, as Reiki practitioners, we have wonderful tools to work with.

We are never alone.

Listen To Your Intuition

It’s not always easy to recalibrate, even with years of experience behind you.

Yet, flashes of rare clarity can undoubtedly occur.

But often, when you can’t think straight, deciding which technique or Reiki symbol to focus on is hard.

Luckily, the answer lies within you, and it’s called intuition.

In those moments, I felt that placing my palms on the crown chakra, brain hemispheres, and third-eye chakra was the right thing to do.

Within five minutes, I could already feel the tension being released.

It was another lesson that showed me how placing your palms where your intuition guides you can trump even the most sophisticated Reiki systems and techniques.

Advanced cleansing methods definitely have their place and can be very effective.

But let’s not underestimate the power of simplicity.

When things get “muddy” and there’s an accumulation of negative/residual energies, they can block your thinking, limiting your ability to perform more complex tasks.

Therefore, the hands-on method can declutter your energetic body and remove blockages without overthinking.

In turn, this will make space for other, more sophisticated methods to implement afterward.

The Power Of Intention

Know that when you set your intention to transfer universal energy to your body, you put in motion a chain reaction that does the following:

  1. Cleanses and raises the vibration of the area where you place your palms;
  2. Promotes a smoother universal energy flow with beneficial effects for both the physical and energetic bodies;

The beauty of this apparently simple approach brings healing at so many levels by stimulating holistic healing and setting the stage for more specialized methods.

Physical imbalances like migraines, dizziness, or brain fatigue can be considerably diminished so you can better focus on further cleansing.

Some practitioners claim that channeling the universal energy to your superior chakras using just the hand positions can ameliorate the effects of Alzheimer’s and similar conditions.

Of course, there isn’t much evidence to support these statements, even though I’ve seen incredible results in isolated cases.

What I can say with a high degree of certainty is that working to balance the superior chakras can bring a variety of benefits.

Before listing them, let’s see how to get there.

Balancing Your Superior Chakras With Reiki

  1. Activate your palms by thoroughly rubbing them against each other;
  2. Enhance the activation effect with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (+ Dai Ko Myo if you are attuned to level 3 Usui Reiki.) Consider other symbols if you wish;
  3. Place your palms on top of your head where the crown chakra resides and stay there for at least 10 minutes;
  4. Now place your palms on the upper sides of your head, where your brain hemispheres are. Hold this position for another 10 minutes;
  5. Place one palm on the third eye chakra and one on its back projection, located slightly asymmetrically on the lower back of your head;
  6. Additionally, consider placing your palms on your ears and eyes to complement the previous steps. Adding one extra layer of cleansing to these specific areas works wonders because they are directly connected to the brain. Stay 5-10 minutes in each position;

NOTE: The pituitary and pineal glands, responsible for regulating essential body functions, will also receive a healthy amount of universal energy.

The Benefits Of Balancing Your Superior Chakras

  • At a spiritual level – you remove toxic entities and establish a more precise connection with the source of universal life force energy;
  • At an energetic level – you cleanse the crown and third eye chakras, removing negative thoughts, residual energies, and unwanted programs. In turn, these energy centers begin to open and become optimized to facilitate a better flow of both vital and life force energy;
  • At a physical level – the cognitive functions may improve, providing you with more focus, mental awareness, and clarity. Intuition and wisdom become in tune with the divine energy manifestation through you;

Embracing Simplicity

In conclusion, when given a bit more time and attention, a primary practice can bring more results than complicated techniques.

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity.

Embrace it, and it might become your closest ally in moments of need.