How To Manifest Your True Divine Potential

Human beings are probably the most complex living organisms on the planet.

This goes beyond the physical structure through our diverse cognitive abilities.

Perhaps the element that separates us from the animal reign is the higher consciousness, also called the higher self.

In fact, this is the one that enables us to enjoy reasoning, complex communication skills, or planning ahead.

To better understand the higher self, one should become aware of the 3 main components that shape the spiritual layers.

These are:

  • The inner self (Kundalini energy);
  • The soul (the divine spark);
  • The higher self (divine connection);

NOTE: This is my personal opinion on the matter. Even though there are countless books and articles, nobody can accurately define the higher self. Instead, we can all learn more about it through practice and patience.

​What Is The Higher-Self

You might already be exposed to different terms depending on your location or religion. Some call it God, Allah, or divine connection, and others even see it as a higher vibrational manifestation of the inner self.

Even though we’re so diverse, we can all be right.

One thing is for sure…

It’s fairly difficult to describe the higher self in words.

So I’ll try to do it with an example:

“You find a dietary supplement that you like. It has the perfect ingredients to balance your health and provide you with the right amount of energy.

You enjoy it for a while, but after some time, you find another supplement.

The effects are visible. Whatever the first one did, this works 2 times better. On top of everything, physical regeneration increases.

There are no side effects to either of them.

So what do you do?

In our case, the first supplement is the inner self, and works independently to our greater good. But, in combination with the higher self, our spiritual potential increases exponentially.

This has implications on all levels.

That’s because the higher self represents the connection with the divine source of energy as well as its spiritual entities.

Once you learn how to heal your inner self, you gradually “lift” it towards a connection with the higher self.

It’s what I like to call “spiritual growth.”

That’s why the higher self can also be described as a high-vibrational manifestation of your true, divine potential.

The Concept Of Consciousness

Our consciousness is the element that creates the link between our inner and higher selves.

Once this connection consolidates, our consciousness begins to expand into the higher self and beyond.

This is the “higher-consciousness” stage.

At this level of spiritual growth, you have “conquered” and transmuted negative feelings and emotions, residual thoughts, and discordant energies.

It’s when we understand there is no duality or separation and that everything is part of one whole omnipresent energy that helps us become more aware of ourselves.