The Simple Power Of Transmutation

Life often resembles nature’s still-dynamic rhythm. Regardless of how much you hurry day in and day out, life moves at its own pace.

It is what it is!

The present moment it’s simply the sum of the opportunities, desires, and choices you manifested at one point in your life.

Whether you like it or not matters less than acknowledging your situation and being honest with yourself.

Sometimes big decisions are required to notice improvements.

Other times, tiny shifts in perspective are all it takes to start enjoying life at its true value.

It’s on a case-to-case basis.

“Transmutation – is the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.”

The concept of ‘transmutation’ has been inspiring the work of alchemists, scientists, and spiritual practitioners for centuries.

It implies a complex physical process that can significantly alter the chemical structure of an object.

But there’s always the energetic component…

Each element we know of has a molecular structure containing specific amounts of energy and information that enables it to exist in the first place.

Any physical adjustment will also impact its energetic structure and vice versa.

Therefore, we can use the same approach to cleanse, balance, and eventually heal the ‘baggage’ we carry from past lives or borrowed from parents and society.

Yet, is this something you want to do?

Can this action really enhance your well-being and enrich future experiences?

My Reiki teacher constantly reminded us that we have the potential to change the residual and negative energies we carry.

Whether we generated them through our behavior or they were projected on us, we can cleanse and balance them out as we do with our physical body every day.

In fact, he used to say:

“It’s a matter of perception. We can choose to see this load as a burden or an opportunity. Worrying is easy. It can be quite satisfying. But it doesn’t go away. On the other hand… putting in some effort to heal this ‘wound’ will certainly be challenging at first yet exponentially better in the long run.


Best of all…

You can learn how to sublimate (transmute) all that negative energy and information.

The Benefits

The transmutation process implies dissolving residual, negative, and even harmful energies you carry as karmic debts or from the present life:

  1. It clears out the energies that block your life’s path;
  2. Helps to open you up to new opportunities that have the potential to guide you toward an optimum outcome;
  3. Along the way, you gain spiritual knowledge that facilitates access to higher awareness levels;

How To Do It

  • Practice the Reiki self-treatment to sublimate most of the unwanted influences. By channeling the universal life force energy through your body, you’ll dissolve negative energy and transform it into pure light. It’s a gradual process that happens in your optimum rhythm. If Reiki is not your “cup of coffee,” any beneficial spiritual practice like Yoga or Theta Healing can return similar effects.
  • Light natural bee’s wax candles to dissolve all damaging programs, energies, and information from your soul, energy fields, and structures. Allow the light to bring divine, beneficial energy into your life. Keep in mind that the larger the candles and the more they burn, their ability to transmute energies increases. Of course, be aware of flammable materials.
  • Consider regular physical activity to transmute residual into positive energies. Again, the more effort you put in, the more you’ll “burn.” Add your favorite spiritual practice to the mix to enhance the effect and support the healing period;
  • Prayers/mantras and fasting are great cleansing and protection methods. Recite mantras and read prayers during the fasting period to simultaneously raise your vibration and improve at the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. This is one of the fastest ways to change negative into positive energies;
  • Pilgrimages to sacred places or participating in sacred/religious ceremonies can cleanse the energy fields and chakras from unwanted programs, projections, and even self-sabotage. They create a strong link between you and the divine consciousness, allowing pure and unaltered energy to flow through your body;

Final Word

These are just a few methods of transforming unwanted elements into positive ones that can improve your well-being and secure a better future.

Still, nothing is certain.

What you know, though, is that your present actions will influence how tomorrow will look like. It might not be what you hoped for. Yet, if you aim for a positive outcome, it will happen in the best way for you.

There’s nothing magical about this whole process.

If anything, the approach is rather ‘scientifical’ than ‘occult,’ and having an array of options gives any individual the flexibility to customize their experience.

So, feel free to experiment, get feedback, and improve along the way.

The key is to put things in motion instead of aiming for perfection.

Worry less and be excited that change is possible for you too. Each situation is an opportunity to learn, and, with each lesson, you’re one step closer to a better you.