Learn To Heal Past Traumas With Reiki

Our present life is the result of our past experiences and our perception of life through those experiences. Furthermore, our personalities are shaped by the influence other people have on us.

I consider life a beautiful gift and believe we should enjoy it … “responsibly.”

Yet… some events shape us in ways we can’t control.

Sometimes, we don’t get what might seem fair, but I would argue that we always receive what’s best for us.

Still, some of these occurrences can be really damaging and, if left untreated, could turn into traumas. They will deploy various types of low-vibrational energies within our energetic fields, causing mental and emotional imbalances.

The impact of this mental and emotional damage corresponds to our inner strength. More precisely, one person can be devastated while the other overcomes this obstacle easier.

Healing The Past To Improve The Present

One of my Reiki teachers explained that childhood traumas happen as a balance in the karmic factor. This means that the traumas one experiences in this life mirror what one did in the previous one. This mirroring is not meant to hurt us but show us what we need to heal within ourselves.

Therefore, an energetic balance comes along so both parties can learn forgiveness and understanding towards each other. Sadly, this rarely happens, and when it doesn’t, emotional scars start forming.

Rightly so, many views this as a harsh reaction from the Universe … to say the least.

Regardless of the situation, there are ways to address the situation harmoniously and peacefully.

You can do so through Reiki.

Using the flow of the universal life force energy, you can raise your vibration. In turn, this will unlock the necessary awareness to help you forgive those who hurt you.

One thing to remember is that traumas leave negative energies within your mental and emotional, energetic bodies. Luckily, universal energy flow can help you gradually cleanse yourself from these energies.

From that moment on, mental and emotional healing takes place. But, as you might have guessed, this healing does not happen overnight.

Like everything good in life … and Reiki, it takes time, so be patient.

Still, there are situations where healing can occur more quickly. It all depends on the practitioner’s ability to offer forgiveness towards themselves and others. Also, the recovery progress revolves around our will to bring Reiki’s positive energy into our lives.

Keep in mind that the light can heal everything, just be patient.

How To Approach These Imbalances With Reiki

#1 – One of the simplest ways of healing your past traumas is to send energy into your past:

  1. Relax and build a clear image of the traumatic event in your mind, or at least become aware of the negative feeling that connects to that moment;
  2. Activate your hands and chakras using the following sequence: Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo (if you are attuned for level 3 Reiki). Of course, you can add the symbols from other Reiki systems if you are attuned to them;
  3. Then, using the same sequence of Reiki symbols, open the dimension to that past trauma. Send energy for about 10 minutes. You will notice how the present effects of the past trauma will gradually start dissolving;

Do this no more than twice a week. If you send too much light to past traumas, you risk dislocating that energy and bringing it into the present.

#2 – The second option is to meditate.

  1. Activate your palms and chakras with the Reiki symbols you have access to and just stay still for 20 minutes;
  2. One of the best positions for this is to sit in a chair with your back straight, eyes closed, and your palms on your lap facing upwards;
  3. Slowly connect to the traumatic event and picture it surrounded by pure light;
  4. Send forgiveness to the person(s) who has done you wrong. Most importantly, remember to send love and forgiveness toward yourself. Acknowledge that you are a divine being that deserves light, love, and respect;

As with the first method, do this to start with no more than twice a week.

#3 – The third way is to practice the complete Reiki self-treatment.

  1. During the self-treatment practice, you can empty your mind and let the energy flow or have the intention of healing your emotional self;
  2. This time, there is no “limit” because you are working directly with your mental and emotional side. Therefore, you are not sending energy to a past event;
  3. Practice the Reiki self-treatment as much as you want and let the universal energy flow where it’s needed the most;