A Faster Way To Reconstruct The Energetic Field Of An Affected Area

Our physical body is an extension of multiple energetic and spiritual layers.

Even if some of us are less sensitive and can’t perceive the energetic body, we become more aware of our non-physical form with constant Reiki practice.

After feeling the energy flowing for a consistent amount of time, you get to experience the presence of energy vortexes and their energetic fields.

These vortexes represent the chakras.

Each of the 7 primary chakras generates its own energy field. This governs and protects a specific part of your body. Secondary chakras are also located at the shoulders, hips, knees, feet, ears, and eye levels. Furthermore, smaller chakras exist for each organ.

Together they generate their own vibrational fields. The healthier this energetic structure is, the healthier we are at a physical level.

Whenever we suffer an injury or feel pain, it means that at least one of these fields is either broken or distorted.

The more we practice Reiki and meditation, the more we strengthen these energetic fields. We get to heal our chakras and propel the effect on the fields they generate. They become cleaner, healthier, and less vulnerable to unwanted exterior energies.

Yet, we all experience moments of discomfort from time to time. Ideally, we can address these with full self-treatment, but the reality is that time is not always on our side.

So …

There must be a way we can heal these parts of our body quicker, right?


There is …

You can do it through visualization and a clear intention.

Visualization + Intention

This is a method I learned a few years back and didn’t come across it in any books or courses.

You can apply it to local injuries or pains that are not a result of severe illnesses.

Here’s how to reconstruct the energetic fields of an affected area faster:

  • Firstly, locate the painful area;
  • Then, activate your hands using the Usui Reiki symbols and add a Cho Ku Rei on each finger;
  • Draw a Sei He Ki on the affected area to create a small gateway that will enable the negative energy to leave that part of the body;
  • Use the combing technique and gently cleanse the area by taking out the residual and negative energy;
  • Put your thumb, index, and middle finger together and visualize holding a needle of pure light;
  • Start sewing the energetic field as you would with a normal piece of fabric. Do this slowly and make a gentle pull at the end as if you were tightening the sewed area;
  • Draw Cho Ku Re + Sei He Ki + Dai Ko Myo (if you are attuned to level 3) and create a patch of pure light. This will cover the affected area and help it regenerate faster;

If you have the time, place your hand in that area to completely regenerate the energetic field. Then, stay there for a few minutes.

This method might take you a bit more time at first. But you’ll be done much faster once you get used to the sequence. Remember that a healthy energy system helps remove the cause that leads to physical damage.

Subtle Bodies

While this makes for a vast subject, it’s good to mention subtle bodies because they are somewhat similar to energy fields.

These have layers that govern essential body parts, which vary from the physical level, all the way up to the celestial higher-self.

Still, you can address them with constant Reiki practice, visualization, and meditation.