How To Cleanse Your Aura With The Combing Technique

The variety of Reiki techniques is wide.

While Reiki isn’t that complicated to learn, and you can go a long way with only the basic methods, some practitioners consider this approach as being too “limited.”

On the other hand, the Western practice resembles a more “upgraded” version.

So… is there a right or wrong answer?

It probably depends on each individual.

Whether you prefer the more traditional techniques or you’re excited about exploring new avenues, what’s important is not to deviate from Reiki’s core goal.

Therefore, follow whatever suits your style and corresponds to your needs.

Still, these two intersect more than one might expect.

Things evolve in the spiritual world as they do in the physical realm.

While they have specific principles, they inevitably communicate with each other.

That being said, you can find the concept of cleansing your energetic fields or “aura” in both traditional and modern practices.

Moreover, this is part of several meditations and spiritual practices from different cultures.

Why Should You Consider Cleansing Your Energetic Fields

This is our “layer” of protection that keeps residual energies, malevolent intentions, and even unwanted entities away.

There are times in our daily lives when we are vulnerable. Whether we’re weary, sad, or enraged, these fields weaken.

At this point, hidden elements may attach themselves to our energy fields and then penetrate our bodies. They can subsequently enter our mental and emotional layers, producing a variety of imbalances.

That’s why becoming aware of this phenomenon and considering cleansing your energetic fields is so important.

How To Cleanse Your Aura With Reiki

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this.

Still, I find the combing technique to be the most efficient because it seamlessly blends the physical with spiritual and subtle aspects.

As with most Reiki methods and techniques, this one, too, requires a clear intention and visualization on your part.

You may either comb with your physical hands or imagine you’re doing so while utilizing your energetic ones without actually moving any body parts.

  • Use your dominant hand with the fingers slightly set apart to comb your aura;
  • Start from the head down while focusing on each section for as long as necessary;
  • Gather all residual energies in the non-dominant hand;
  • When the non-dominant hand “feels full,” shake off those energies and let them fall into the ground;
  • Repeat until you’ve covered your entire body;

If you prefer using visualization, the process is similar but without any physical involvement.

When To Use The Combing Technique

You may use this technique after and even before the Reiki self-treatment.

It’s a wonderful way to complement the session, enhance the treatment’s effectiveness, and also clear your energetic fields in the process.

The combing technique is not only suitable for cleansing the aura, but you can also use it to remove specific energies or entities depending on your needs.

For instance, you may want to cleanse yourself of any negative influences before an important meeting.

You could even visualize yourself surrounded by white light and then comb through your energetic fields to eliminate any discordant energies.

Feel free to explore this method and adapt it to your own needs.