The Bridge Between The Physical And Spiritual Worlds

The world is full of symbols…

From ancient times to the very present, symbols have bridged the physical world to the spiritual one.

They often represent keys to different types of energies or totems of knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes symbols hold a deeper understanding of the spiritual world through messages that one can only decrypt through experience and meditation.

The Flower of Life incorporates all these ideas and values into one symbol.

The Flower Of Life

Present in almost every culture and religion, it’s one of the most mysterious in existence.

According to some experts, the origin of the symbol is unknown, but it has been around since 4000 BCE. Regardless, its spiritual significance and importance prevail to this day.

The Flower of Life represents the fabric of existence present in all planes, including those beyond the physical one. Therefore, this totem illustrates the concept of wholeness as part of one single creation from which we evolve.

The Flower of Life suggests that everything is one. This “unity theme” is present in every grain of sand, living creature, celestial body, or galaxy. Everything is, therefore, interconnected.

The Flower of Life acts as a spiritual DNA that embeds your past, present, and future.

Our universe is just a tiny part of this majestic representation.

Its graphical representation might seem intimidating at first. Still, it highlights the complexity of this idea with its 19 concentric circles that intersect to create a flower-like pattern.

The Flower of Life Has 3 Main Elements

The Vesica Pisces – Represents the junction of two perfect, concentric circles. These two circles symbolize the divine energy’s extension towards building our current reality. Vesica Pisces develops due to this expansion, indicating that there is no genuine distinction but instead integration.

The Seed of Life – Is the second stage in the Flower of Life’s formation, and it consists of seven concentric circles. They symbolize the building blocks of life, our spiritual journey’s beginning, and the 7 days of creation.

Egg of Life – This final stage represents the birth of existence. At the micro-level, the Egg of Life refers to cell multiplication, while at the macro level, the expanding of the universe and the formation of astral dimensions.

After all these steps, the Flower of Life concept begins to shape. It engulfs time and space as it expands through physical and spiritual dimensions.

Still, it doesn’t stop here.

Through its expansion and spiritual development, the Fruit of Life emerges.

This structure encompasses the Platonic Solids, Metatron’s Cube, and the Tree Of Life.

In a nutshell, the Flower of Life holds some of the most essential spiritual ideas.

It’s a powerful symbol that can help you connect with the divine energies of the universe and increase your spiritual awareness.

It can guide you towards understanding the secrets of creation and act as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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