Using Reiki Symbols As A Bridge To Higher Spiritual Levels

Reiki symbols are often essential to our practice, but not everybody understands their true role.

We use them to better focus the universal energy and enhance the overall effect.

Still, they have the potential to help us become a pure channel of light, which is a higher vibrational step in our evolution.

From this point forward, we can work with the universal energy without too much effort or assistance.

It’s when practitioners do not use symbols mechanically anymore but become an integral part of their routine and act as extensions rather than additions.

This is a natural progression from striving to visualize each line to understanding that the Reiki practice is a state of being and not a set of techniques.


​I know this makes a lot of sense for some of you, while others might wonder if they are doing it right.

Reiki is flexible!

So, as long as you practice, things will come together.

You can never make mistakes with a positive intention. But each has its own path, and you’ll adjust at the right time.

The role of today’s email is not to push you into anything but make you aware of the possibilities.

When you realize that you can choose a holistic approach to Reiki, you’ll progress to a new spiritual level.

When this happens, you’ll internalize 3 crucial elements that make up the Reiki symbols:

  • It’s enough to know their shape – their physical structure matters more than learning each and every line;
  • They are spiritual concepts – each symbol has a “meaning beyond meaning.” Specifically, they hold nuances that go deeper than the words we use to describe them;
  • Knowing how to use them – is probably the most important part. Matching the proper symbols with a situation is when you have integrated the fundamental Reiki energy and information;

​From here on, invoking and manifesting the Reiki symbols and their energy without much effort is only a step away.


Remember that this takes time, so I always recommend not rushing.

If you’re a beginner or struggling with confidence, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Pronounce their name 3 times when activating the symbols in front of you or in your palms. This will help enhance the effect and bring their energy into the physical plane;
  2. Gently clap your hands to seal the activation process and allow the symbol’s energy to vibrate through your palms;
  3. These steps will soon become a routine that will provide a certain level of connection between your energetic structures and the symbols you are using;

​Remember, they are not simple lines and shapes you use to channel energy.

Reiki symbols represent spiritual concepts that open us up to higher possibilities.

Each one can play a unique part which you can learn to master over time by integrating their energy into your practice.

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