Why Dharma Matters In Your Spiritual Evolution

Karma and karmic debts have a significant influence on our life and spiritual growth.

Even if it looks like a less desirable part of our existence, clearing our karmic debts is essential in creating a smoother spiritual journey.

With each step toward this outcome, we develop our inner strength… something nobody can take away.

It’s also how to install discipline and potentially accumulate moral and spiritual values.

Easier said than done, I know…

Yet, you can facilitate this process by opening yourself to receiving divine wisdom and guidance to shape these values in the best way for you.

The concept of gathering and integrating these beneficial elements it’s called “Dharma.”

A Bridge To Higher Vibrational Realms (and Lessons)

Although Dharma originates in the Hindu religion, it is also present in Buddhism, Jainism, and Sufism.

At first, it may seem a bit abstract and undefined.

Still, Dharma is the quintessential element that allows us to break the chains of Karma.

Within the Vedas, the oldest spiritual and religious texts in existence, the word Dharma represents a law of the Universe manifested through each person’s divine consciousness – the higher self.

But the higher self is always in connection to the inner self’s level of evolution and understanding of the world from a spiritual perspective.

Therefore, we become capable of assessing the concept of Dharma only once our inner self and higher self unite.

It’s my understanding that Dharma results from the following elements:

  • Gathered moral and spiritual lessons through various experiences;
  • Manifesting understanding, forgiveness, and compassion through the previous lessons;
  • Growing the inner strength that allows us to overcome temptations, negative thoughts, and emotions;
  • Becoming one with the spiritual values we integrated throughout our existence and manifesting them in our daily lives;

This is how one can now surpass obstacles and gain divine wisdom and metaphysical gifts from the higher-vibrational realms.

Spiritual Practices Lead To Dharma

When engaged in spiritual practices, Dharma beings to expand.

It becomes the liberation from physical attachments and empowers you with the opportunity to transcend the cycle of life and death.

In other words…

By becoming more aware of Dharma, the relationship between you and the divine energy grows more robust, which will then help balance out karmic debts.

Through Reiki, you enhance your connection with the universal life force energy and its vibration, therefore, getting closer to the creative energy of the Universe.

The concept, though, is considerably more complex than we can explain in words.

Still… consider this:

  • By reciting the Reiki principles, you integrate their divine values into your life;
  • When activating your palms or channeling energy through your chakras, you stimulate your entire body and raise your vibration;
  • Adding Reiki symbols and using cleansing methods or meditations, you further access different manifestations of the universal life force energy;
  • All these efforts create a high-vibrational environment that will enable you to tap into the concept of Dharma;

This puts you in a position of receiving, offering, and learning the divine laws.

The Outcome

So.. you become Dharma… the benefactor of your transition toward the ideal spiritual being.

Finding yourself in this position can bring clarity to your thinking as well as wholeness to your soul.

It’s how you begin to better understand our world by looking at everything from a higher spiritual lens.

This will certainly impact your intuition and decision-making process to grow as an individual and serve those that may come your way.

Dharma complements the benefits of any spiritual practice and helps integrate the values promoted through them.