Address Karmic Debts To Unlock Your True Potential

Throughout our lives, we encounter different types of obstacles.

They are instrumental to our growth because they help us learn more about our world, the people we regularly interact with, and most importantly ourselves.

These barriers usually act as signs that it’s best to take note of in order to shift for the better.

While some are obvious in nature, others may require some thought.

And… there are always those who are surprising and don’t seem to make sense at all. It hard to accept their presence or define their origin.

Even though identifying the root cause is probably how you’ll best adjust your path moving forward, staying stuck in this position will do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to be flexible, aim for improvements, and adapt along the way.

Yet, many of these ‘undefined obstacles’ emerge from karmic debts.

Therefore, acknowledging their existence and balancing them will greatly influence your progress. This can open your potential to manifest your true self within the physical and spiritual planes.

The subject has enthralled spiritual seekers for centuries. Still, due to its mysterious, non-physical nature, it has proven remarkably hard to tap into.

Are Karmic Debts Really Worth Our Attention

From a religious perspective – karmic debts can be considered the transgressions of our kin and ancestors. These are transmitted from one generation to the next until one or more descendants balance them out by transforming them into pure energy. This idea is true to some extent. However, each person is accountable for their own actions and intentions.

From a spiritual point of view – karmic debts represent a cumulation of our past and present lives’ created imbalances and wrong-doings that need to be healed, balanced, or transmuted into the light. Within this perspective, the “transgression” of our ancestors becomes secondary in this case as individual elements that require healing gain priority.

Although different at first sight, both concepts converge into a common goal.

Specifically, beneficial elements and values need to gradually replace karmic debts to break the chains that have been holding you back.

If left unattended, karmic debts can affect your resonance, influencing the type of people you interact with, the relationships you invest in, and the situations you’ll be exposed to.

Clearing your karmic debts is essential in supporting your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Even though it’s almost certain that you won’t be able to get rid of them all within one lifetime, taking action in this direction will positively impact your everyday life.

4 Ways To Address Karmic Debts

There’s no correct answer when it comes to balancing your karmic debts. People are different, their values and beliefs can’t be ignored, and it’s hard to follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Yet, becoming free from the chains that keep us from  reaching our spiritual potential  is what we should all aspire to.

The following examples have proven to be the most efficient for myself and the people I trust regarding  energy healing .

1 Be In Service To Others

By offering your assistance, money, or shelter to those in need, you create the concept of sacrifice.

This will undoubtedly  bring spiritual gifts  but also clear out karmic debts.

Of course, you always have to be genuine in helping others.

2 Fasting and Praying

Beyond its physical and energetic regenerative purpose, fasting alongside praying helps clear out stagnant energies within your fields.

Regardless of your religion, you can add prayers to your meditation rituals to bring beneficial energy into your body and daily life. This will enable you to transcend karmic debts easier.

Fasting is something you should always perform while being aware of your physical limitations. Consult your doctor and never force yourself or put your health at risk. Still, when done correctly, fasting should feel like a spiritual experience where you fill yourself with positive energy, flush out toxins and negative influences, and reach a state of emotional equilibrium.

3 Practicing Reiki

The Reiki self-treatment helps clear negative/residual energies and gradually removes karmic-related programs through its universal energy flow.

This leads to a higher vibration level while adding a protection layer against unwanted influences.

Assisting others in their Reiki journey through attunements and therapy also clears your energetic structures, which is another way of balancing karmic debts.

4 Pilgrimages

Directing your time and money toward visiting sacred places removes many negative energies and programs attributed to karmic debts. It also dissolves negative projections and self-created mental blockages.

Transform The Energy

As mentioned, many other ways are likely to help you clear karmic debts.

These are just a few examples that personally helped me on my journey.

Even so, you’ll inevitably clear out some of these debts throughout your life.

The difference is that consciously using specific methods will promote a harmonious and often… more efficient process.

Another key takeaway is that you are not “burning” Karmic debts but transmuting them into another type of energy. In this case, your aim is to stimulate it to manifest as a high-vibrational, beneficial one that can serve you well for years to come.