How The Quality Of Your Vibration Is Influenced By Everyday Elements

Within our spiritual community, the concepts of growth, evolution, and change are pretty popular.

Given the present state of the world, most of us grumble and eventually become depressed, wishing to see our planet rebuilt both from a physical and spiritual standpoint.

While some want to change the world for the better, others simply choose to focus on themselves.

This usually results in ignoring the people around and their feelings.

Therefore, two issues arise that we are either unable or simply don’t want to acknowledge.

First – we have to remember that we’re the ones who facilitate the universal life force energy to manifest in the physical realm. Thus, we have the “power” to influence the world around us.

To do this … one has to choose to grow from a spiritual standpoint and become an optimum light channel.

Second – be aware that we are all interconnected. In fact, the whole universe is. Whatever action you take towards your own growth can influence the ones around you.

In other words, we all contribute to the overall vibration with each small step we take in this direction.

And that’s the point I wanted to reach.

Spiritual evolution is not an abstract, far-fetched concept. It’s manifesting in the present. It starts with you and with everything you do.

Raising your own vibration is the first and most important step towards that goal. Of course, the main factor that determines this level of vibration is to work with yourself.

Still, there are other elements we tend to neglect.

Raising the vibration is not entirely dependent on self-treatment. It’s also affected by the exterior elements we interact with.

The home you live in, the food and beverages you consume, the crystals and mindset you have each day … all contribute to maintaining a good vibration level.

How To Raise The Vibration With Reiki

Let’s be honest!

When we’re hungry, we don’t consider cleansing our food.

We simply want to satisfy that physical desire and carry on with our life.

But what if we’d stop for a minute…

What if we take a moment to pay attention to this detail and raise our vibration as a result.

Regardless of your Reiki level, send energy to your food and beverages before consuming them.

Remember that these elements become part of your body and therefore influence your vibration at a cellular level.

When this happens, you’ll take one step further towards improving your health and become more in tune with the flow of universal energy.

If you have access to Reiki symbols, even better.

  • Activate your palms and then the symbols on your food and water;
  • Use Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo + any other symbols you have access to.;
  • Send energy for 5-10 minutes and allow it to sink in;

Use the same sequence to go even further.

It might sound abstract, but you can send energy to the whole fridge or food storage for 20-30 minutes.

This way, the products you are going to consume will already be cleansed and energized.

The same goes for other physical elements and even crystals.

All this effort is designed to help cleanse your energetic fields and allow you to have a better flow of the universal life force energy throughout your body.

Remember that …

The vibration that influences you is the result of multiple elements you interact with.

While the Reiki self-treatment is the most direct way to do this, everything else matters too.

The place you live in is one of the first you should consider cleansing, and you can use specific Reiki methods to do this.

Having good energy all around you will have a positive impact in the long run. This happens because your mental and energetic structures are constantly cleansed. As a result, it will be easier to focus on personal growth than other, less desired elements.

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