The Silent Storyteller Behind Every Bite

I still remember the day I returned to my teacher’s office after years spent working overseas.

Much had changed…

There were more crystals, divine symbols decorated the room, and additional books authored by him lined the shelves.

However, what caught my eye most was a peculiar display in one corner: two sealed jars filled with plain steamed rice.

To my luck, these jars had only been set up a mere 10 days before my visit.

At first, their significance eluded me…

I soon realized that these jars demonstrated the power of Reiki and its profound effect on organic materials.

One jar was left undisturbed, while the other, clearly marked “With Light,” received daily infusions of Reiki energy from the students attending classes during that period.

Fast forward five months, and the jar infused with Reiki energy still had perfectly white rice with no signs of mold or decay. (The students kept channeling universal energy to this jar regularly.)

In contrast, the untouched jar went bad in less than a month, underscoring the powerful truth that the universal life force energy can cleanse and rejuvenate, transforming negative energy into pure light.

My teacher’s experiment doesn’t sit in isolation.

For example:

We are quite aware these days of the relationship between plants and music. Numerous experiments have delved into how different musical frequencies impact plant growth and health. The results, while varied, often suggest that certain types of music, particularly classical compositions, can promote faster and healthier growth in plants. This phenomenon is thought to be linked to the vibrations created by musical sounds, which can stimulate plant cells and enhance their metabolic processes.

Another example is the work of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese businessman and pseudoscientist who popularized the effects of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water. Through a series of experiments, Emoto posited that emotions, intentions, and even words could lead to visible changes in the crystalline structure of frozen water samples. Specifically, he observed that positive intentions and harmonious sounds, such as classical music, resulted in more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing ice crystals, while negative inputs led to disjointed and irregular formations.

Courtesy of

With this in mind, the importance of cleansing my food and beverages before I consume them became even more apparent.


As we already know by now, this isn’t magic!

We’re not seeking perfection…

Some foods require more energy than others, situations differ, and each individual has a certain experience level to work with.

That being said, let’s first understand…

Why Reiki Can Potentially Improve The Quality Of Your Foods

Energy has an inherent ability to shape matter, especially organic matter, which pulses with dynamic life force.

Organic materials are imbued with vital energy, surpassing the static nature of lifeless objects.

As a result, Reiki wields a more immediate effect on living bodies, forming a connection that interweaves through the complex tapestry of molecular interactions, chemical reactions, and cellular vitality.

To better understand the mechanism, here’s a simple breakdown of the elements that influence our foods:

  • What you consume: The intrinsic quality of the ingredients matters. This is determined by their physical state (freshness versus decay) and their energetic resonance (meat products holding a lower vibration compared to plant-based options);
  • Who makes it: The vibrational state of the individual preparing and handling the food – low-vibrational emotions such as stress, anger, or depression will certainly leave their mark;
  • Where it’s made: The environment in which the food is crafted – A space filled with positive energy influences both the ingredients and those orchestrating the culinary process;

Now, let’s delve into the practice of infusing your food with the transformative power of Reiki.

How To Influence Your Food & Beverages With Reiki

To my surprise, back then, the process had a simple elegance attached to it. Probably, the impact of the result led me to believe that a more complex approach is required.

  • Step 1: Activate your palms with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. If attuned to Usui Reiki level 3, include Dai Ko Myo. Consider adding Reiki symbols from other systems if you have those attunements;
  • Step 2: Apply the same symbols on the food you’re about to eat or even on the ingredients you’re going to use to prepare a meal;
  • Step 3: If you have the time, channel universal energy toward the food with the intention of cleansing any negative energies and harmful programs while infusing pure light for about 10 minutes;

Key Takeaways

  • It goes without saying that substances rich in positive energy benefit our entire body. Even occasional cleansing of our food can promote better health, balancing and energizing our mind, heart, and digestion;
  • Reiki symbols have diverse vibrational frequencies derived from universal life force energy. Applying them to food and beverages introduces these high-level vibrations into your system;
  • Our bodies quickly absorb water and other liquids. Therefore, infusing your drinks with Reiki provides both physical and spiritual rejuvenation;

In essence, practicing Reiki with food teaches us to be more aware, not just of what we consume, but of the energy we surround ourselves with.

It proves to show the vast array of applications the universal life force energy holds.

This is more than a mere culinary exercise but a dynamic journey toward holistic well-being.

Use it to enrich your experience and support your health with every bite!