The Pillar Of Light Cleansing And Energizing Method

Reiki offers a wide array of methods that can amplify the results of your daily practice. More precisely, there are certain ways to enrich the effects of self-treatment by simply adding a few extra elements.

Even if some of these methods may not belong to the traditional Reiki practice, the final result is what matters.

In fact, there are only three essential aspects I recommend you take into account when considering a new approach:

  • Its efficiency in the energetic cleansing process;
  • Its simplicity – a complex method may work great for a specific issue, but it’s certainly harder to implement with consistency;
  • The ability to enhance the overall effect of the core treatment;

The Pillar Of Light

This method for cleansing and energizing is usually performed at the end of a Reiki session. Still, I have found that it brings similar benefits on its own – without being preceded by any form of treatment.

Its flexibility allows you to enjoy its effects whenever you have some spare moments throughout the day.

I tried it in the morning with good results, but also when I needed immediate support in stressful moments.

How To Perform The Pillar Of Light

  1. Activate your palms by rubbing them thoroughly against each other. Add Reiki symbols if you have the level 2 attunement or higher;
  2. Place one hand on the lower back of your head and one hand on the sacral area (the lower lumbar area);
  3. Remain like this for at least 10 minutes;
  4. (optional but highly recommended) if you can, set the mood by playing some relaxing music or by burning your favorite incense;

The Benefits Of Practicing The Pillar Of Light

  • You stimulate and cleanse the main energy channel, Sushumna, that connects the 7 primary chakras;
  • The back projections of these chakras will become more balanced and energized;
  • Your whole body will benefit from a significant boost of vital energy, gradually removing fatigue;
  • If you have residual and negative energies that cause back pain, they will gradually diminish;
  • This method will offer you clarity of mind and will also raise your vibration;
  • You will benefit from a better flow of the universal life force energy throughout the day, which supports the overall health and balance;

When To Practice The Pillar Of Light

For starters, practice this on a daily basis for one week and notice how you feel.

Considering the method’s efficiency and benefits, I dare to say that it takes very little time. If you like it, you may practice it as often as you feel necessary.

Even so, I find that it’s most efficient when performed in the morning due to its energizing potential.

Try to add it after a complete self-treatment to amplify the effect. From my experience, the pillar of light contributes about 15-20% to the end results, translating into a significant boost of vital energy and mental awareness.

Regardless of your Reiki level, consider adding the Fire Serpent Reiki symbol to the mix. Visualize it on the back of the body as it glows with pure light.

Notice how you feel afterward and compare the experience with the one that doesn’t include this symbol. Do this a few times and choose the approach that works best for you.

The Pillar of Light is an excellent method to cleanse and energize the body, but more importantly, it helps you become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

This way, you can preserve your mental and emotional well-being, which are essential for your overall health.

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