Harnessing Simplicity: Lessons From A World-Renowned Reiki Master

I will never forget when my Gendai Reiki teacher shared the story of one of the greatest Reiki masters, Hyakuten Inamoto.

Best known for founding the Komyo ReikiDo, a Reiki system with a strong focus on spiritual growth, Inamoto sensei began his spiritual journey relatively later in life.

He was trained in the tradition of Usui Reiki as a student of Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a direct student of Chujiro Hayashi.

You’d say that with such a rich and impressive background, he was a dedicated student, an avid learner, and even someone with extraordinary gifts.

While perseverance is not far from its primary set of traits, Inamoto’s approach to Reiki emphasizes simplicity.

He adheres closely to the spiritual principles laid out by Mikao Usui and is highly regarded for his commitment to preserving the original teachings.

That’s why he took the time to learn the craft and only progressed when he felt ready.

In fact, Inamoto Sensei chose to stay connected to the first Usui Reiki attunement for almost a decade.

You see, Reiki holds a profound sacredness in Japan. It’s also their approach to life that gives every moment a lot more meaning.

In the West, we’re programmed to move faster, be impatient, and, when it comes to Reiki, strive to acquire multiple attunements thinking that they hold the keys to our problems.

But simply hanging certificates on the walls won’t get us very far if we fail to internalize the fundamentals.

After working with countless people, assisting his students, and sharing his knowledge, Inamoto Sensei was finally bestowed with the second Usui Reiki level.

Years later, he also achieved the master-teacher degree.

Still, the question remains…

Are his achievements part of a grander “spiritual gift” or an outcome of having the patience to become one with Reiki without getting distracted by additional layers of information?

I believe we all have a unique skill to bring into this world.

Yet, avoiding rushing toward the next shiny outcome will probably get us closer to manifesting its divine value.

This decade-long journey can serve as a valuable lesson to us all, with 3 key elements that stand out:

  1. Set aside your ego and express gratitude for the present moment;
  2. Fully integrate your current level before deciding to progress;
  3. Celebrate small wins along the way like they are the ultimate achievement. Embrace the joy and gratitude that comes with each of these steps;

Throughout his journey, Inamoto Sensei became one of the world’s most esteemed and humble Reiki teachers.

And it was during this revelation that I realized the immense potential of simplicity in Reiki.

Level 1 is not “weak” by any means, just like the master level is not “strong.” Their true value lies in our approach and how we choose to handle and absorb the information we are given.

How To Better Integrate The Usui Reiki Level 1

Apart from the indispensable self-treatment, you can consider both modern and traditional methods, especially when time is of the essence.

Let’s see what they are:

1 – Byosen (Scanning)

Byosen allows you to detect imbalances within the physical body, and restore them through Reiki.

  • Activate your palms and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind;
  • Begin to slowly scan your body from head to toe. Notice any variations in temperature, tingling sensations, or discomfort, as these indicate energetic and physical imbalances;
  • Place your activated palms on that area to start channeling Reiki with the intention of dissolving the negative energies and bringing balance;

2 – Joshin Kokyu Ho Meditation (Purification of the Soul and Spirit)

  • Sit in a chair with a back straight, chin up, and your palms resting on your lap, facing upwards;
  • Direct your focus to the sacral area and visualize it as a radiant shade of orange;
  • Envision a beam of white light entering your crown chakra, gradually descending through your body until it reaches the sacral area;
  • With each inhalation, allow the beam of light to fill your body with pure energy. Let this light expand beyond your physical form with each exhalation, enveloping the space around you;
  • Practice this cycle for about 10 minutes;
  • Finish with the Gassho (prayer) hand position, refocusing on the sacral area, and gently open your eyes;

3 – Creating A Sphere of Light

Even without using the Reiki symbols, you can harness the power of level 1 Usui Reiki to create a sphere of radiant light.

  • Activate your palms and hold them approximately 20 inches apart, facing each other;
  • Visualize a sphere of pure light gradually forming between your palms;
  • Allow this sphere to glow brilliantly, becoming infused with vibrant energy;
  • Now, gently place the sphere over your crown chakra and envision it rotating counterclockwise, purifying and cleansing the crown chakra;
  • As you continue, the sphere expands, encompassing your entire physical and energetic body, dissolving any residual energies and negative patterns;
  • Remain in this state for approximately 5-10 minutes, experiencing the rejuvenating effects;
  • Finish the session by slowly opening your eyes and returning to the physical realm;

In the end, embracing the beautiful simplicity of Reiki and cherishing the present moment can ignite a profound flame of growth and transformation within.

As you integrate the teachings of Usui Reiki Level 1, you’ll discover a profound connection to the universal energy that surrounds us.

The true magic lies in how you mindfully accept each step of the journey as a lesson, letting the hidden nuances become clear and creating a unique experience for yourself.

Embark on a remarkable adventure of self-discovery by giving more trust in what you already have than seeking answers elsewhere but deep inside you.