Cultivate Emotional Stability With Present Living

I didn’t know what to expect as I was making myself comfortable between two fellow practitioners.

Little did I know that I would experience a surprising yet eye-opening event.

‘The only thing that matters is being in the present!’

Said my friend, a seasoned emotional healing guide, at her workshop.

I felt ready and let the two sitting on my sides grab my hands.

One took my left hand, symbolizing past experiences and deep-seated emotions.

The other held my right hand firmly, representing my future.

Our guide released a powerful command:

‘Now… pull!’

Even though the two individuals were similar in size, the forces that pulled me were significantly distinct.

Not only that, but I felt like I was about to fall, physically and emotionally.

The unfolding tale had a profound, surprising, and enlightening impact.

It didn’t make sense then, but the varied strengths were no coincidence.

You see…

It’s common for our past to weigh heavily while the future to feel lighter and uncertain, making us hesitant to embrace it.

This reality is a distraction that diverts our attention and energy from where it can be most impactful – the present.

Thus, growing aware of this phenomenon and practicing detachment as a spiritual concept becomes a healthy practice of absorbing the present without letting our past or future intervene.

It has nothing to do with separating ourselves from the material world or the people we interact with.

Rather, it’s a way to connect with our inner self, seeking information that cannot be reached during our daily routine.

Understanding Detachment and Its True Value

Among the fundamental values a person can learn throughout their evolution, detachment sits alongside forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.

Of course, healing the past plays an essential role in learning detachment.

True healing is looking at an unpleasant event with total comfort and peace of mind. There is no sorrow or anger when true detachment takes place.

On the other hand, thinking about our future can quickly bring about anxiety and concern.

We spend a significant amount of time preparing for potential outcomes without any guarantee that what we do now will help us in any way in the years to come.

But our future is going nowhere.

And.. fortunately, there’s a better way to tackle the matter.

  • Learning to live in the present means detaching from these low-vibrational emotions;
  • Understanding that we must do everything in our power to make the most of our present will significantly improve how we look at our future;
  • Constantly minding our mental, emotional, and physical health will guide us toward the optimum decisions that shape our world;

Staying In The Present by “Taming” The Ego Through Reiki

One of the main reasons why we struggle to let go of the past and have a hard time allowing the future to harmoniously flow is because we succumb to the ego.

In fact, looking closely at your past will reveal the ego fostering many disharmonious actions. This is when you might want to take control of your ego instead of steering you.

From a spiritual perspective, Reiki has a phenomenal beneficial effect when it comes to ‘educating’ your ego.

The universal life force energy flow can gradually dismantle residual patterns, negative thoughts, and traumas, helping you understand that each of us is a spirit that contributes to our existence rather than living in isolation.

Instead of shattering your ego, Reiki can help you see it through a brighter perspective.

Create a bridge between your ego and inner self to dissolve low vibrational feelings and encourage ownership of your thoughts and actions.

As a result, you’ll stop dwelling in the past or fretting about the future and truly begin to live in the present.

In other words, ‘taming’ and ‘befriending’ the ego allows you to learn ‘detachment’ and live in the present without being emotionally and mentally entangled with past events or future uncertainties.

Final Word

There’s no specific Reiki method to assist you in this self-discovery process.

Still, the first and most important thing you must do is become aware of this matter and consciously address it with time.

Each Reiki technique has unique benefits, especially self-treatment.

I recommend going through your Reiki practice as usual while consciously integrating the teachings of detachment into your routine.

Remember that each session provides a unique opportunity to explore and understand the nuances of being truly present, navigating through the energies of past experiences and future anxieties.