The Importance Of Freeing Yourself Of Past Emotional Chains

A level of self-awareness and emotional healing needs to exist before any spiritual threshold.

It may sound easy, but it’s a process that requires time and perseverance.

Oddly enough, at one point in life, most of us become emotionally unavailable for those who give us love and available for those who don’t.

This happens because of past emotional issues.

These can range from significant events you experienced when you were younger to severe traumas that led to a high degree of emotional damage.

Obviously, they were left untreated and manifest in the background of our lives.

Yet, there’s a longer answer that’s worth the attention:

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you were willing to offer unconditional love and respect to someone who didn’t even bother to notice your pure intentions?

If that’s the case, I’m sure you felt frustrated and angry.

Instead of taking a step back to cool off, you insisted on penetrating this invisible wall.

While you were busy trying the impossible, you rejected those willing to share their affection with you.

Usually, even a small level of spiritual awareness would indicate that something is not quite right.

Noticing that friction is the first step towards healing.

But, unfortunately, it’s not something most people are willing to accept.

What Happens At The Energetic Level

In such a case, both parties have emotional imbalances.

How so?

A balanced person at the emotional level would never force anyone to like them.

End of story.

Still, if you insist on digging a bigger hole, the receiver will only take advantage of the situation and transform into an “emotional executor”, as it’s called in psychology.

If the reverse happens, and the person responds to your efforts, you quickly become bored. You’ll take them for granted and think they will always be there for you.

This translates into a never-ending, ego-feeding game where nobody wins.

You scratch your emotional itch by chasing the “hard to get.”

But, at the same time, the other absorbs your energy and takes advantage of your efforts, diminishing your energetic protection.

Obviously, healthy communication can save you both of unnecessary struggle.

From a spiritual standpoint, continuing to develop this situation can only lead to losing energy and even parts of your soul. In turn, several emotional imbalances will manifest freely. We call them depression, anxiety, or the feeling of being lost.


What Can You Do

First – you have to acknowledge that the source of these actions lives in past issues.

Some examples may include:

 not being able to show your worth to one of your parents;

• not being able to fulfill your heart’s desire when it comes to relationships;

Second – know that not everyone you want to share your love with is capable of accepting it. As we’ve previously discussed, the more you try, the more you deplete yourself of energy.

Third – you must acknowledge your self-worth in a harmonious, non-arrogant manner.

People who love you are already out there.

Maybe you haven’t even met them.

Still, they exist and want to be by your side. So when you meet them, everything will flow smoothly.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see them if you’re constantly engaging in a losing battle.