Practicing Gratitude At Year’s End

As the winter holidays are approaching and the New Year is about to unveil, I decided to take a slightly different approach for today’s newsletter.

I would like to offer a meditation (both written and audio) to express gratitude for everything that has transpired this year.

Maybe some events were unpleasant, while others brought joy and fulfillment.

Perhaps dear ones may not have met your expectations.

At the same time, surprising kindness and attention may have come from those you expected the least.

Regardless, remember that everything happens for a reason.

It’s helpful and rewarding to integrate any challenges and be grateful for the moments of joy.

Each type of event is a lesson meant to be learned, but, more importantly, a push toward the next version of yourself.

This end-of-year review is essential in helping you regain the vital energy needed to start fresh in the New Year.

NOTE: You can use this meditation any time, but I recommend trying it the day before New Year’s Eve as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude toward the Universe.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Gratitude Meditation

  • Find a quiet time of the day, away from distractions, social media, or TV;
  • You can play some relaxing, high-vibrational music of your choice;
  • Consider the 432 and 528 or even 1111 Hz tunes;
  • Light a candle and/or incense to help clear part of the negative energy that may be around you and also set a relaxing mood;
  • If you have a favorite crystal, keep it next to you or in one of your palms throughout the meditation;

Breathing and Visualization

  • Place your hands in Gassho (prayer position), close your eyes, and take several deep breaths to access the Alpha brain waves. Even if stray thoughts may arrive, allow them to simply pass away;
  • You can now place your palms on your lap or keep them in Gassho as long as your intuition guides you;
  • Gradually shift your attention toward each of the seven primary chakras. Notice as their color slowly turns from a faded hue to a clean, bright one;
    • Violet for the crown chakra;
    • Indigo for the third eye chakra;
    • Light blue for the throat chakra;
    • Green for the heart chakra;
    • Yellow for the solar plexus chakra;
    • Orange for the sacral chakra;
    • Red for the root chakra;
  • Allow the universal life force energy to flow freely through your body from the crown area all the way down to your root chakra;
  • Take a moment to remember all the people to whom you have wronged or who have wronged you over the years;
  • Begin to offer forgiveness and compassion to each person and visualize as any animosity or frustration turns into pure light. Take your time with this process;
  • Then, visualize all the people who have been next to you and supported you on your life’s journey. Offer them your deepest gratitude and love;
  • Now, remember the most impactful moments that occurred over the year, regardless of their nature. Keep in mind that they took place for your greater good to become resilient and wiser. To every one of these moments, express your gratitude and respect for having the opportunity to experience them;
  • After this, gradually shift your attention toward yourself. Look within yourself and observe possible changes or improvements. Some things are good just the way you are. Keep this balance, adjust, and continue to be your true self;
  • Offer yourself understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. Nurture your self-trust by embracing yourself as your best friend and confidant;

Shifting To Future Visualisation

Observe yourself as you enter the New Year and open your heart to 2024.

Smile and visualize yourself engulfed in pure divine energy.

Three waves begin to shower you as manifestations of the universal life force energy:

  • The first wave offers mental and physical health. Its color is a sunset orange. This wave greatly enhances vitality, grounding, and financial support. Allow this wave to manifest in your life;
  • The second wave is a bright green, resembling the grass at the beginning of summer. This wave offers emotional health, abundance on all levels, and mental stability;
  • The third wave is bright white with shades of purple. It offers a healthy connection to your higher self while greatly enhancing the connection with the life force energy;
  • Notice if there are other waves of different colors coming your way. If so, allow them to manifest;

Centering and Grounding

As the meditation slowly comes to an end, shift your attention to your solar plexus area, where the Manipura chakra resides.

  • Visualize as both the front and back projections of this energy center begin to shine in a shade of yellow;
  • This is the center of your inner strength, containing all the vibrations needed to determine you to take action in the physical world;
  • Center yourself here and relax, allowing yourself to turn your attention to this place calmly;
  • From this point on, just as the roots of a tree go deep within the soil, visualize the universal life force energy flowing through your legs and feet, grounding you and offering more stability than you have ever experienced before;

Of course, remember to let everything flow in your own optimum rhythm.

Ending the Meditation

When you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes and move your body. Rub your face as you would after waking up from a deep, relaxing sleep.

Smile and be grateful for each element in your life to bring harmony, compassion, and joy into your life!

What Benefits To Expect

This meditation has three main benefits:

  1. Cleanses your physical, emotional, and energetic layers while offering mental clarity;
  2. Nurtures divine values such as gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion;
  3. Offers an abundance of divine light in your life while stimulating financial prosperity in the process;

Final Thoughts

It has been yet another great year, and we’re grateful for being able to do this every day.

This will be the last newsletter in 2023.

Peter and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may the New Year be filled with peace, light, and love!


Each time we channel divine light, we contribute to improving the world by raising its vibration.

Therefore, keep shining, and let your light be a beacon of hope and positivity in the world.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2024!