How To Use Incense To Dispel Negative Energies

Reiki techniques and symbols are a great way to cleanse a room from negative and residual energies.

Broadly speaking, there are 5 elements you need to consider:

  • The ceiling;
  • The floor;
  • The walls;
  • All corners;
  • The center of the room;

​For a complete cleansing session, you have to focus the universal energy on each of the above.

But there are other ways to achieve a similar result, and you can use them in conjunction with Reiki.

Some of them are:

  • Playing high-vibrational music;
  • Keeping cleansed and activated crystals in your home;
  • Chanting mantras and prayers;
  • Placing printed or drawn Reiki symbols on the walls;
  • Burning incense;

They are all good ways to address the same issue, but I want to talk about the latter today.

Burning Incense To Remove Negative Energies

There are many types of incense you can choose from, and I have tried a bunch of them throughout the years.

Still, I always come back to frankincense and myrrh.

In the past, they were used predominantly in pagan and religious rituals. Even today, you can find them in churches around the world.

That’s because most spiritual practitioners see them as excellent cleansing elements.

How To Use Frankincense and Myrrh

• Heat or burn them to dispel malevolent energies and even entities.

This process will also help you induce a relaxing mood and clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.

This happens because they have the power to influence your energetic layers.

Frankincense can cleanse the superior chakras and energetic fields, while myrrh will do the same for the inferior ones.

Together they work to dissipate low-vibrational emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depression.

It’s a wonderful way to enrich a meditation or Reiki session.

At the physical level, frankincense and myrrh can help with many respiratory problems and aid the metabolism.

• Use an incense heater or burn them directly and move around to thoroughly cleanse each corner.

Then, let them release their smoke and fragrance in the middle of the room to cleanse the space gradually.

You can always add Reiki symbols to enhance the effect.

NOTE: Most of the unwanted energy gathers in the corners. Part of it even integrates within the pieces of furniture. That’s when you hear cracks and other noises.

In The End …

Be creative!

Combine your favorite incense techniques with high-vibrational music, Tibetan bowls, or prayers.

All these actions have the role of cleansing the space of negative influences, and that’s how we reinstate balance and bring harmony.