How To Reinstate Balance With A Busy Schedule

My first guided meditation was memorable.

A whole new world opened up, and everything became more clear.

It felt like somebody placed their hands on me, took me into deep relaxation, and then the healing started.

It was unique.

That’s why today I want to share with you something similar that you can use in the same way.

Before this guided meditation, I was learning and practicing in isolation.

I was making progress, but, like with anything else, you advance much quicker when you train with others.

That’s why professional athletes have coaches.

That’s why chess grandmasters play with their peers.

Even at that level, seeing a different perspective helps even the brightest minds get unstuck and progress faster.

Imagine if you are not a grandmaster or an experienced Reiki practitioner.

The impact is even more substantial.

That was my case.

I realized at the time what a powerful impact meditating can have on our mindset. It can enhance our energy levels and offer a more robust perspective.

But when life gets in the way, you tend to prioritize other things.

That’s normal.

Fortunately, my passion for Reiki didn’t allow me to digress too much. I never lost track of what I had to do to keep my spiritual side alive.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy.

The pressure you get at work, dealing with everyday issues and other personal struggles, leaves little time for yourself.

It’s when I decided to find ways of simplifying things.

I still wanted to take care of myself and find that alone time regularly.

‘But was it really possible?’

‘Can you reinstate balance quicker while still dealing with whatever life throws at you?’

Truth is, it’s even better than that.

Once you accept that it’s possible, it improves everything else.

You become more confident.

Challenges become easier to overcome.

And …

You get to approach almost every day with a smile on your face.

Here’s what I did:

Even though this is a simple Qi Gong meditation, it’s a powerful way to bring back that lost balance.

It’s even more effective when you blend it with a busy schedule.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love walking and how it’s a form of meditation in itself. Therefore, that’s how I wanted to test my hypothesis.

This doesn’t require you to walk in the park. However, if you have the privilege to do so, that’s wonderful.

You can implement this technique while going to work, shopping for groceries, or even picking up your child from school.

Of course, you should be walking, not running or driving.

And it does work if you understand that this is not a deep, 1-hour meditation.

You are not looking to communicate with your spirit guides or read the Akashic records.

If you are aware that its purpose is to simply find a peaceful state, calm your mind, and approach your day with confidence, then it will do its job.

4 Steps To Meditate While Walking

Do the following with both hands simultaneously.

  • Unite your thumb with your index finger. Take 3-5 slow, deep breaths;
  • Then, unite your thumb with your middle finger. Take 3-5 slow, deep breaths;
  • Unite your thumb with your ring finger. Take 3-5 slow, deep breaths;
  • Lastly, unite your thumb with your little finger and again take 3-5 slow, deep breaths;

​Mind your steps while doing so.

Try to disconnect from outside influences.

Become aware of your presence and let all negative energies flow out.

Feel how a beam of white, bright light descends from above through your body. Allow it to clear your mind, fill your soul with positive energy, and cleanse everything in its way before going into the ground;

It’s similar to the alpha state meditation but not as deep.

That’s about it.

Easy can sometimes work better than complex because you can’t do complex while walking, right?

Take advantage of that “alone time” whenever you can.

Turn it into a wonderful part of your day and use it to recharge.

How Does This Meditation Help [Technically]

Each finger corresponds to certain meridians and elements.

With each slow, deep breath, you inhale fresh energy while exhaling residual one.

Doing these two steps in tandem allows your body to receive a better energy flux. This will stimulate the element and meridian that corresponds to each finger.

Vital organs like the lungs, large intestine, heart, liver, and even your sinuses will receive a better flow of energy.

It will help diminish stress, anger, anxiety, fear, and grief.

It may seem strange how such a straightforward technique can do so much.

Nevertheless, don’t get discouraged by its simplicity.

Try it!

Often, small, repetitive, healthy habits are the ones that work best!