Anxiety – The Importance Of Working With Yourself

“Every time we talk, I fear not to say something that will push her heart rate through the roof” – I always felt that when I called my cousin.

At the time, she was going through tumultuous times. Mary had just gotten out of a divorce, and her emotional side was a mess.

Saying that her depression and anxiety levels were elevated is a bit of an understatement.

But life must go on. It does so with or without you.

She went to see several doctors, took tons of medication, and even had regular visits to a psychologist. The latter did return satisfactory results, but none helped her in the real sense.

Mary wasn’t able to point out the real problem.

It felt like she was making progress. She accepted the situation and was doing something about it, which was good. Still, it felt like she was trapped in her own mind.

Things began to look brighter at the surface, but the rock chained to her leg was still there, and nobody could see it … not even her.

The emotional level is probably the most challenging part of healing.

Although we have a “dedicated” subtle body, the emotional level has numerous layers that need to be addressed to reach a healthy balance.

My cousin is not the only person I knew who experienced this unpleasant circumstance. A few of my friends and many of the people I’ve worked with have gone through similar struggles.

They find it very difficult to heal this complex level. That’s because anxiety “pierces” through the subtle levels, creating breaches that allow negative energies to enter.

If left untreated, anxiety can have severe consequences. As you’ve seen in my example, even if you do something about it, it’s possible to carry its weight without even knowing.

How Anxiety Looks Like And What We Don’t See

Constant worry, small fears, and doubt are some of the most common “symptoms.”

We all go through these feelings once in a while. It’s normal and even healthy to experience them. But they become a problem when they dominate our everyday life.

I never disregard modern medicine. It has taken the issue very seriously and has a wide range of treatments. What I want to emphasize is that you don’t get to discover the root of the problem in most cases.

The emotional level can only be healed if you acknowledge the true source. Otherwise, we are in a hamster wheel, continually treating symptoms.

Work With Yourself

I always recommend consulting a specialist, but real healing comes from within.

Unfortunately, you cannot heal anxiety in one day. If it were easy, then we would live in a close-to-perfect world.

That’s why taking the matter into your own hands is essential. You can ask for advice, but remember that guidance can only have effects if you put it into practice.

This may sound like a lot of pressure. Still, it’s better to be aware and work with yourself than wait for miracles to come from others.

Your goal is to discover the true source of your anxiety. Unfortunately, doing so will take you halfway to the desired result.

My cousin did the same.

She finally accepted that the real change has to come from her. It was then that the outside help really started to kick in.

Where To Start

Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, and even the Alpha State can help you get rid of residual energies. Moreover, you can enhance these spiritual practices with natural elements such as crystals, music, and incense.

Reiki is my preferred way of addressing most issues. However, there’s no better way than starting with regular self-treatment sessions.

At this stage, you don’t need to complicate things. Simply do the treatment and let the root of the problem surface. It’s more important to know what you are looking for and accept this kind of help than searching for the perfect technique.

​That’s how my cousin’s story is relevant here.

She took it step-by-step and accepted that it would take time to find answers. Even if the beginnings were demotivating, she understood that she must go slow now to go faster later.

​Adding crystals to the mix is an excellent way to focus the universal energy on a specific outcome. They are ideal instruments for absorbing and transforming residual and discordant energies.

Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you. Crystals are the physical manifestation of certain energies and entities. It only makes sense to cleanse them regularly and protect them from outside influences.

Whenever you meditate, use the alpha state, or practice Reiki with crystals next to you. They will amplify the effect while cleansing your energetic fields. Crystals act like vessels through which the universal energy flows.