Why Add Crystals To Your Reiki Practice

Reiki was initially taught without using chakras and other “secondary” elements. But curiosity and the thirst for knowledge led spiritual practitioners to study how the universal energy may be guided throughout the body.

These endeavors resulted in Reiki books, training programs, and many health and social benefits we enjoy today. In addition, this phenomenon motivated more individuals to begin learning Reiki to enrich their lives.

With time, they discovered that crystals, incense, or high-vibrational music are ideal adjuvants as they amplify the universal energy’s flow.

Still, crystals have unique particularities that help restore balance and facilitate spiritual growth. That’s because they behave as links between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Therefore, you should know that crystals can:

  1. Amplify the flow of the universal life force energy (ex. amethyst, clear quartz, and citrine);
  2. Absorb residual and negative energies from your body or an area (ex. black onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline);
  3. Activate and balance energy centers and the fields they generate (ex. rose quartz, malachite, and jasper);
  4. Increase awareness and stimulate the flow of vital energy through your meridians (ex. agate, smoky, red quartz);

Some scholars believe their beautiful physical structure is intended to encourage us to use them in our spiritual journey.

Moreover, they claim that crystals are alive, growing organisms that contain at least one energy field beneath this eye-catching shell. When exposed to the universal life force energy flow, this field expands, allowing the crystal to become attuned to the flow.

This enhances the transfer of energy and information, which increases its healing potential.

Cave of Crystals in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico, has the largest crystals in the world. However, you probably can’t see these magnificent structures without proper equipment. The temperatures are highly elevated (55°Celsius or 131°Fahrenheit), and humidity is 98%.

Why Add Crystals To Your Reiki Practice

No matter how sophisticated a technique may be, none includes everything you’ll ever need.

​Reiki is no exception.

Every spiritual practice brings a unique blend of energy, information, and vibration. This implies that every part of our life has the potential for advancement.

Crystals can help influence our health, awareness, and spiritual growth.

Still, they won’t do much on their own. You can only enjoy their benefits or discover their true potential by integrating them into your regular practice.

In my opinion, one of the essential characteristics some crystals have is their grounding effect. This is because grounding can gradually assist you in dissolving low-vibrational emotions such as anxiety, fear, and even depression.

It also encourages you to focus on your personal development while still maintaining a healthy energy flow throughout your body.

Take Care Of Crystals

Aside from working with them, you also need to care for their well-being.

If you ignore a crystal for years, it won’t have the same vibration level as others that you activate and cleanse regularly.

Some practitioners feel that crystals should be kept on coarse salt for a day or two. I also thought this would cleanse them sufficiently of residual energies. Still, I later learned that it’s a process that might also damage their structure.

Coarse salt can, at one point, dehydrate and even alter the crystal’s molecular structure. In turn, this may reduce its metaphysical properties.

As a result, doing so only for a few minutes from time to time is the best option.

Why Reiki And Crystals

In their natural environment, crystals are connected to the pure energy of the Earth.

When they are in our hands, however, they require a source of energy to activate their spiritual qualities.

I firmly believe that Reiki is one of the best ways to do so because it also works with the purest form of energy.