Pay Attention To Your Meridians

In the spiritual world, people care to discuss a vast array of topics. As a result, they hide many mysteries, raise fascinating questions, and, most importantly, help us improve our lives optimally.

Unfortunately, there is often more talk than action.

Chakras are a good example. It’s something that starts beyond our physical plane and goes even further. It’s a way to find balance through deep meditation and constant learning.

But there are many other ways to address our everyday well-being than living in the abstract. It’s nothing wrong with one’s desire to discover the beautiful world of chakras. The problem I see is when other concepts are overlooked that are useful to know and understand before tackling more advanced structures.

Studying and working with meridians is one of them.

Why Should We Pay Attention To Meridians

Meridians are the subtle energetic channels that connect and balance 5 different types of energies. These energies are linked to the main elements: fire, earth, wood, water, and metal.

Meridians are like “roads” of what the Chinese call “chi”, or vital energy. They are a very important part of our energetic structure and sit on the same level of existence as chakras do.

These channels allow vital energy to pass through our muscles, tissue, and organs. This flow provides them with the necessary level of energy to function properly.

Activating Meridians

Each meridian has several spots where it changes direction. These are called meridian points. One of the most basic ways to activate them is by enhancing the flow of energy throughout the body with acupuncture.

Although meridians are not anatomically present, modern medicine has adopted acupuncture as a healthy treatment for different conditions. It’s proven that acupuncture helps repair certain functions of the physical body.

Acupuncture works well for (but is not limited to):

  • Different types of physical pain such as headaches, lower back and/or menstrual pain;
  • Respiratory disorders;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Digestive disorders;
  • Anger and resentment;
  • Hyper and hypotension;
  • Insomnia;

There are 12 standards (principal) meridians plus 8 extraordinary meridians. These are divided according to the Yin and Yang balance.

Ideally, you should visit a specialist, but this is not always an accessible solution, especially during these times.

That’s why you can consider activating your meridians at home.

[1] – One of the most efficient ways to activate the meridian points is to apply pressure on them. This is called “acupressure.”

[2] – Another way is “meridian tapping.” Similar to the previous one, you can simply tap on each point to stimulate it.

This subject is quite vast, and some people are more interested than others in this topic. That’s why I believe it’s important to at least pay attention to meridians and address them from time to time.

If you wish to go more in-depth, here are a couple of articles to further help you implement the concept we’ve just gone through.