Integrating Reiki and Alternative Therapies for Navigating Menstrual Pain

Each of us is a tapestry of unique qualities and experiences, a masterpiece woven with the threads of our individuality.

This makes us who we are.

From the moment we are born, we start a journey that is just for us. Our thoughts, feelings, and how we see things shape how we understand the world.

This uniqueness is what makes life so interesting, and it’s important to appreciate and celebrate our differences.

We should be proud of who we are and how we make the world a more colorful and exciting place.

Throughout the Reiki seminars I’ve attended over the years, students have had the chance to ask a wide range of questions about using Reiki as a healing method for various issues.

Among these questions, a common concern raised by new female students is the challenge of managing intense menstrual pain that occurs over several consecutive days each month.

But what caught my attention was the simple yet repetitive fact that each woman would experience this differently.

I always wondered why the level of pain, as well as how each perceives it, varies so much?

What is the spiritual cause behind it?

And… is there a straightforward approach that could alleviate the symptoms with time?

Let’s take them one by one…

Energetic Reasons Behind The Menstrual Cycle Pain Level

A. Spiritually, we already know that severe physical pain results from a large amount of negative energy that has been accumulating for a long time.

This energy can easily be linked to past lives.

To be more precise, the extent of karmic debts collected over multiple lifetimes determines the complexity of the menstrual cycle.

The more “dense” the accumulated energy is, the more intense the experience becomes.

The act itself is a natural cleansing process that releases part of this trapped energy, leading toward balance. It’s obviously something men lack and have to substitute with other activities like sports, therapy sessions, or creative pursuits.

B. A second reason is the impact of present negative influences such as stress, emotional traumas, or unexpected events, which pressure one’s emotional system.

C. Lastly, one’s approach to life in terms of handling destabilizing factors, understanding others’ choices, offering forgiveness when wronged, and practicing compassion during difficult moments can significantly influence the ease of the cycle.

While the issue can quickly become more complex, acknowledging the influence of these 3 factors over the menstrual cycle can be a healthy step forward.

Using Reiki To Alleviate The Menstrual Cycle Pain

Can this really happen?

The 3 points above clearly point us toward the idea that energetic cleansing can bring positive effects in the physical plane.

Reiki self-treatment is the most obvious approach for transforming the accumulated negative energy into a pure one.

But there are a couple more direct methods you can consider:

For Usui Reiki level 1:

  • Activate your palms by thoroughly rubbing them against each other;
  • Place them on your solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras, holding each position for at least 5 minutes;
  • Repeat this process twice a day;

For Usui Reiki level 2:

  • Activate your hands using all the Reiki symbols you have access to;
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki on the primary chakras;
  • If you are also attuned to Karuna Reiki, you can add Zonar, Halu, and Java to the process;
  • Activate a large Sei He Ki on the sacral area, where the ovaries are located. Declare your intention of releasing a portion of the negative energy about to be discharged through that area.
  • Comb the energy field of that area using your dominant hand;
  • Collect all the unwanted energy in your non-dominant hand. Once you feel it full, release the energy into the ground;
  • Repeat this procedure at least three times per session;
  • Finish by placing your hands on the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras for about 5 minutes on each position;
  • If you can, repeat this entire process twice a day throughout the duration of your menstrual cycle;

For the Reiki Master level:

  • Visualize the Serpent of Fire + Dragon of Fire, activating them along the entire length of your back;
  • This will help drain the negative energy harmoniously;


  • Activate Cho Ku Rei on the tip of each finger of your dominant hand.;
  • Bring together your thumb, index, and middle fingers;
  • Use them to apply pressure to the crown of your head;
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds;
  • Repeat this five times per session to stimulate the vital energy flow through your meridians, supporting the body’s natural healing ability;


  • Place a Reiki-charged crystal, preferably smoky quartz or clear quartz, on the sacral area. Quartz crystals have the ability to harmonize the flow of energy through the body;
  • Option (2) is to use black tourmaline or black onyx to absorb residual and negative energies from the area while promoting a healthy flow of vital energy;
  • Consider holding the crystal in your hand throughout the regular session. When you’re done, let it rest on your sacral area for about 5 minutes;

Let others help:

  • If you know a Reiki practitioner who is willing to help, allow him or her to assist you during this process;
  • This can work great when you feel depleted of energy or the pain is so intense that you cannot focus on practicing Reiki;
  • Ask them to perform a full Reiki self-treatment on you, starting from the crown chakra down to the root area;
  • Let them know to spend more time on the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras areas;

With constant practice, patience, and determination, these are some of the possible outcomes you can expect:

  1. The emotional and mental layers will gradually become cleansed and healed;
  2. The negative energy that is generated during the cycle will be diminished;
  3. The potential for experiencing easier and more manageable menstrual cycles will increase;

Remember to trust your intuition when using Reiki in such situations, and never forget that changing your approach to life forms the foundation of all healing processes.

In addition to the transformative power of Reiki, exploring alternative therapies can offer a comprehensive approach to managing menstrual pain and promoting overall well-being.

Consider integrating complementary modalities such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, or indulge in the soothing aromas of essential oils through aromatherapy.

Combining these alternative therapies with Reiki can create a harmonious synergy that enhances the healing process, supporting your body’s natural ability to find balance and providing a holistic approach to menstrual pain management.

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