4 Things To Do Before Reiki Self-Treatment

I met a lot of people during my first years of practicing Reiki. We were from different backgrounds and stages in our lives. Like with all new groups, you tend to like a few, exchange opinions with most, and eventually, some become your friends.

This was the case for Raoul and me. We started at the same time and became very close. We practiced together until he got really involved and decided he wanted to progress at a faster pace. Even though the passion was still there, my goals were a bit different.

Raoul went quickly through all Usui levels, and in less than two years, he had attunements for both Karuna and Shamballa.

​(As a side note … it took me about 8 years to do this.)

​We are all different.

It’s nothing wrong with the above example.

​Unless …

​You do all these to “gain” spiritual power, forgetting that your evolution lies in the work you do with yourself.

It’s the same with anything else. Whether you’re looking to build up a skill or lose weight, it’s always better to stick to one solid solution, like I did with this Keto program, than jump from idea to the idea only to keep yourself busy.

I’ve met Raoul after many years. Unfortunately, he did not improve much. He would practice Reiki occasionally and still talk about exciting techniques.

My experience taught me that even if you practice basic self-treatment and nothing else, time will reveal new avenues you never thought existed. It’s the magic of relying on fundamentals. It’s a way to enhance your core practice before adding new knowledge.

Many students like to collect various Reiki systems just to ” grow” their spiritual real estate. Additional methods or fancy Reiki symbols don’t mean much if you fail to execute them. While this can work, a true understanding of what spiritual growth is comes from within.

It’s good to evolve and learn. But never forget the power of core strategies. It’s easy to think that you need complex tactics when, in fact, everything lies in you.

What To Do Before The Reiki Self-Treatment

Here are 4 elements I believe you should not skip before the Reiki self-treatment. They will add a lot of value and make your practice more efficient.

1. Find A Peaceful Environment

Even if it’s possible to practice Reiki in almost any condition, having a peaceful environment will calm your mind. This way, you will remove approximately a third of the stress and anxiety levels you carry.

Your body will follow the intention of your mind.

Light a candle and incense sticks, and play relaxing music. These elements will cleanse the room and help you find peace.

2. Recite The Reiki Principles

This step will connect you to the essence of Reiki.

Furthermore, these principles are a great way to boost positivity and regain inner balance.

When you recite them, you allow yourself to receive the original teachings of Mikao Usui. It’s like opening the gateway to the universal life force energy.

3. Activate Your Palms And The Reiki Symbols

This is especially important for beginners.

Before you go into advanced methods, knowing how to properly activate your palms is crucial.

If you are attuned to Reiki level 1, firmly rub your hands before starting self-treatment. If you feel it’s necessary, you can repeat the process after each Reiki hand position.

If you are attuned to Reiki level 2 or higher, use Reiki symbols. To activate them, draw each symbol with your dominant on your non-dominant hand (palm). Say its name three times. Repeat for the other hand. After you draw the symbol in both palms, gently clap your hands three times.

This “habit” dates back to Hawayo Takata. It’s a great way to bring the symbol’s energy into the physical plane.

Don’t worry if you don’t draw the symbol correctly. Your intention triggers the activation.

After activating your palms, you can draw the symbols on the seven main chakras as well.

4. Have A Clear Intention

Before placing your palms on the body, have a clear intention of what you wish to heal or improve.

You can use Reiki to relax but never forget that it’s an amazing way to address emotional and physical imbalances. Each session will work to cleanse your mind of stray thoughts and dissolve negative energies.

It is easy to get caught up in the vast world of Reiki and forget the basics. It happens more often than you might think. That’s why I consider today’s email to be a good reminder for anyone looking to be more efficient with their practice and reach the desired outcomes with what they already have.