How To Address Weight Loss With Reiki

“The physical body is the image of the energetic body and of the inner self.”

This is what a good friend of mine, who is also a Reiki Master, once told me.

She said that it’s the first thing that comes to mind when she sees imbalances occur at a physical level.

She’s also a nutritionist and a Pilates instructor. So even though she serves in the physical world, her practice becomes whole through Reiki.

Therefore, understanding both the inner self, subtle bodies, and how the body functions help her tremendously in guiding others to their desired results.


What Does Reiki Have To Do With Weight Loss

Good question.

Obviously, today we’re going to leave aside the mainstream physical implications and address everything from an energetic perspective.

When one gains weight, it’s usually the result of an accumulation of residual and negative energies.

These can be indirect, and you might not notice them.

Or …

They can be obvious things like negative thoughts and upsetting situations.

This happens when we are unable to pass a threshold of self-understanding and harmony in connection to the world around us.

It’s a toxic combination of low self-trust and frustration.

These are usually reinforced by anxiety, anger, and/or animosity toward certain people.

So .. where does nutrition come in?

A healthy lifestyle that consists of a good diet, exercise, and rest is crucial for an optimum result.

In fact, our resonance with junk food, sedentarism, and other shallow approaches to ‘happiness’ is actually the effect of an imbalance at the energetical level.

The good news is that you can change this.

Even if you have the willpower to work out, eat healthier, and do all the popular tricks in the book, it’s still vital to address your mental and emotional side.

For one reason or another, you’re out of tune at those levels.

Starting from the inside might indeed take longer.

Let’s face it.

Nobody wants that, and it’s why we all give in to ‘quick fixes.’ Yet, this way, you can work on something with a long-lasting effect. Having this clear in mind is the actual motivation most people miss.

The ‘Technical’ Explanation

At an energetic level, uncontrollable weight gain indicates an imbalance at the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

The Root Chakra – is responsible for grounding and stabilizing vital energy. Among other attributes, it helps with digestion.

The Sacral Chakra – handles understanding and manifesting your true inner self. It helps you accept yourself just the way you are. At the physical level, it supports the proper function of the intestines.

The Solar Plexus – is the one that can transform those negative emotions into positive ones. It is crucial in keeping the stomach, pancreas, spleen, and liver healthy.

These chakras have many other attributes. But, when it comes to weight loss, they are the first you want to work with.

To help balance and cleanse these chakras, you have to go into deep emotional introspection. This will provide an understanding of oneself and eventually lead to physical balance.

How Can Reiki Help With Weight Loss

When you practice self-treatment, be mindful of what you are healing. Then, go even further and visualize what you are cleansing.

I know that the first thing we experience is relaxation. But, in this case, it’s important to slowly but steadily look beyond that.

Once you commit to the Reiki self-treatment, it will flush out toxins on an energetic and emotional level. Moreover, it will enhance your ability to become aware of your imbalances and help you fix them one at a time.

Be confident and mindful of what you are healing within you!

With time and constant practice … you will build long-lasting positive effects. Take care of your diet to enhance the Reiki self-treatment.

Keep in mind that each type of food comes with its own energy. For example, eating fruits and vegetables in raw form means you bring their energy into your system.

Consume things that bring you joy.

Smile daily and be grateful.

Spend time in nature and let it fill you with its energy.

Take advantage of the good things around you to heal from the inside and let others worry about insignificant matters.

Everything works together, and you should look at weight loss the same.

Don’t leave anything out.

Instead, let one help the other and support your efforts from the outside and inside.

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