Why The Sacral Chakra Matters

Every esoteric culture has energy centers that may be found inside or outside the physical body.

The seven primary chakras are the most common ones that can be found in the physical body spectrum, whereas the transpersonal chakras are the ones “outside” of it.

Most people are unaware of the existence of these higher chakras. On top of this, the ones that exist within the physical body spectrum have a more significant impact on the physical body than the other transpersonal chakras.

The Chinese and Japanese esoteric philosophy recognizes the existence of three key power centers, as opposed to Hindu culture. The first corresponds to the sacral chakra, also known as Swadhisthana.

Why Is The Sacral Chakra Important

We can find it approximately one inch under the navel. It also has a symmetrical back projection.

This energy center is in strong connection with the first and third chakras, aiding in the healthy function of digestion, intestines, kidneys, and sexual organs.

Still, the sacral chakra represents more than an energy center.

It’s a spiritual threshold that contains most of our creative potential and the essence of our Kundalini energy.

Through this spiritual gateway, we may tap into all our qualities, imbalances, and unexpressed emotions that can be found at the inner self-level.

The inner self is considered the entity that becomes present in different dimensions, including the physical one. Through time it gathers different life lessons, spiritual knowledge, and emotions. It’s why it transitions to many evolutionary stages that result from the choices we make in life.

Therefore, true healing starts here…

​The sacral chakra is one of the strongest energetic and spiritual gateways that allows you to manifest emotions, instincts, and potentials into this dimension.

Through this chakra’s energy, you can experience self-love, sexuality, and physical interaction with the people around you.

An awakening takes place once you learn how to balance these aspects.

You’ll come to understand that this is only the beginning of many more steps you must take in order to achieve a higher level of awareness.

The ability to transform emotions such as pride, desire, and even jealousy into detachment, self-control, and self-respect is an important aspect of the sacral chakra’s healing process.

The Structure

The sacral chakra has two vibrational layers:

• One that needs to be acknowledged and transcendent.

• One that needs to be discovered and manifested.

This results in 3 main attributes:

Sexuality – as a lower-vibrational instinct that can transform in self-love and harmonious spiritual interaction with others;

Creativity – which can be related to physical creations. We can develop this ability, discover new spiritual lessons, and become creative when passing these teaching on to others.

Acknowledgment – of the inner self and all its potential. Learning how to heal imbalances at this level may lead to higher stages of spiritual awareness.

How To Heal The Sacral Chakra

We have to find balance before reaching higher-vibrational levels. Here are a few methods to consider:

  • Reiki self-treatment;
  • Theta Healing;
  • Qi Gong;
  • Introspection through meditation;

These are probably the best spiritual practices due to their connection with the sacral chakra’s elements and can help stimulate its opening towards higher vibrational energies.

It doesn’t take long to see results once you start healing the sacral chakra.

These outcomes may range from better physical form to mental and emotional balance.

It’s how you start raising your Kundalini energy and learn to lead a conscious life.