Why Is The Kundalini Energy Important For Your Overall Health

The Kundalini energy has the power to surface many of our great potentials. You can use it to enhance inner healing as well as develop your spiritual side.

Yet, it all comes with a caveat.

There’s quite a debate among spiritual practitioners on how to approach Kundalini in the best way possible.

That’s because this energy requires special guidance to function properly and to our benefit. Failing to do so can leave us with a considerable amount of awakened energy that’s freely flowing without someone to control it.

Kundalini Generates Our Vital Energy

As a general meaning, translated from Sanskrit, Kundalini means “coiled” or “coiled snake.”

This refers to the millenary concept of inner, divine energy that exists at the base of the spine, coiled up in the pelvic area.

Although it is considered to have cosmic origins, Kundalini represents our true inner self. It holds all the experiences from past and present lives as well as the corresponding high and low vibrational energies.

Within the Kundalini energy you can find:

  • Spiritual potentials;
  • Sexual energy;
  • Inner light;
  • Shadow side;

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in your mental and spiritual development.

Neither is “good” nor “bad.”

They are all present for a reason and used to transcend the current spiritual state. This means stimulating and developing the Kundalini energy toward higher consciousness.

3 Types of Kundalini Energy

Like anything else, different cultures, different approaches…

Some Hindu schools teach us about three types of Kundalini energies:

In Kaballah, we also find 3 main elements:

  • The inner self;
  • The soul;
  • The divine consciousness;

The Japanese culture has the 3 main “TanDen’s” or major energetic centers. These are located in the:

  • Sacral area;
  • Heart area;
  • Head area;

So …

Even if there are slightly different particularities, the main structure is the same:

  • The inner-self;
  • The soul;
  • The divine consciousness;

These elements unite when the cosmic, inner base energy rises and encompasses the soul’s energy. It then travels all the way up to the divine consciousness.

In some cultures, this process is known as “enlightenment” or “spiritual awakening.”

It’s associated with “Ouroboros” – a symbol depicting a serpent that swallows its tail, becoming infinite wisdom.

Other scholars like to call the Kundalini the “innate intelligence of embodied consciousness” that comes into function when awakened.

I prefer to define this process as “spiritual evolution.”

It implies being self-aware of your whole physical and energetic structure while expanding your consciousness. This leads to the merger between the inner self and the divine energy.

Benefits Of Raising The Kundalini Energy

  • Become aware of the physical body’s imbalances and begin to heal and balance it;
  • Your understanding and role of the energetic anatomy begins to make more sense for your evolution;
  • The fact that we are all inter-connected and belong to the same source through which we can channel pure, divine energy becomes much more clear;
  • You become more aware of your inner potential for health, abundance, and growth;
  • You start developing your capacity to perceive the physical and spiritual worlds;
  • Life’s purpose and personal mission become clear as you leave aside criticism, judging, and complaints;

In other words, you begin your spiritual growth. As a result, your introspective ability improves, and you gain a new perception of life.