What To Be Aware Of When Opening The Third Eye

What’s the deal with the third eye?

Is it something you should take note of?

Truth be told…

With time…

Many spiritual practitioners tend to give more and more attention to opening the third eye.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does come with a few caveats.

Before anything … you should understand what the third eye is, what happens when it’s opened, and become aware of the drawbacks.

What Is The Third Eye

The story of the third eye has its roots in Hinduism and dates back millennia. Gods and other enlightened beings were often depicted with an opened third eye between their eyebrows.

An opened third eye represents sight and perception beyond the physical plane. It’s a leap towards one’s spiritual development.

It’s something that brings great wisdom and intuition.

It also offers a few special elements like clairvoyance, the potential for telepathic communication, and other psychic powers.

By activating clairvoyance through the opening of the third eye, you become aware of the astral planes, auras, and energies of each person you come in contact with. This includes yourself.

Our world is in the middle of a huge spiritual intersection. It’s the reason why you’ll be able to “see” the entities each person attracted in their life and how they influenced those people.

Don’t Take It Lightly

Each entity is tied to a spiritual plane and manifests in our energetic fields. The catch is that they will also see you once you’re able to see them. Maybe they ignored you this far, but be sure that now they are aware of your presence.

Knowing this before you try anything with your third eye is mandatory.


Unless you detach and are at peace with this effect, it can go deep into your mental and spiritual levels. This can easily lead to a shocking impact with life-changing consequences.

That’s why opening the third eye and accessing clairvoyance abilities is advisable, only once you gain enough experience. It’s the reason why this is reserved only for “advanced” spiritual practitioners. You must understand the spiritual realms and get acquainted with their “inhabitants.”

What Can The Third Eye Opening Do

If you were wondering why not all beings in Hindu or Buddhist religions had the third eye opened, it’s because the ones who did were in perfect balance. They had the knowledge and awareness to protect themselves and receive what was good for them.

At a higher level, one can also “switch” the clairvoyance ability on and off. This provides total control and comfort to only make use of it when needed.

Clairvoyance is a spiritual gift you can claim after a great deal of discipline and experience in helping others. You can also access it by accident … literally.

Some people gain clairvoyance after a severe accident or traumatic event.

They begin to “see things”…

And “hear” stories from another world…

It might look like they are mentally unstable and the result of the event.

While this might be true to some extent, it’s also highly possible that their kundalini energy went straight up… to their head through this shock. It entered the third eye area and forced it to manifest.

With proper help and guidance, they can use this new skill to help others.