Why Connecting To High-Vibrational Entities Can Enrich Your Spiritual Experience

Working with the universal life force energy brings many benefits.

It can provide balance, dissolve negative energies, and contribute to your overall well-being.

Besides healing, Reiki has the potential to help you connect to certain high-vibrational beings like spirit guides, archangels, and even ascendant masters.

But why would you consider that?

Because developing a healthy and robust link with your Reiki guides and other entities of light can be a crucial step in gaining more insights into your abilities.

This is possible due to their broader perspective.

By accepting guidance from a higher vibrational power, you can gradually become a channel that begins to receive the proper information that will best contribute to your life’s journey.

Separating The Thoughts

It’s easy to mistake your ideas with those from divine support.

Most of your spiritual development relies on your connection with these high-vibrational beings.

Let me explain…

The ability to bring universal energy into the physical plane is a personal choice but not entirely your merit.

Most of the time, the Reiki guides and other similar entities enable you to channel the Reiki energy and  access your spiritual potential .

Therefore, we are merely vessels that need to be receptive to what comes through.

Whenever you pass on or receive a  Reiki attunement, you simply act as a channel that allows the spiritual elements to manifest into the physical world.

During meditation, you are constantly guided by these superior beings.

Their presence is always necessary to help you reach different spiritual planes or states of awareness.

Celestial Beings And Their Messages

The same stands true for  knowledge and wisdom .

Before the first texts were ever written, an unseen, untouchable force of inspiration influenced the writer.

The intention of placing everything into a physical format from which everyone can benefit is a divine gift that manifests through people.

Celestial beings played a massive role throughout history.

Science, art, and mathematics correspond to a specific dimension, and specialized entities enable us to connect to that energy.

For example:

 Srinivasa Ramanujan  was an Indian mathematician who made substantial contributions to this discipline without having formal training.

A chain of events took him from a poor environment to working with brilliant mathematicians at Cambridge University.

– – –

He’s not the only example of a person who created significant work that revolutionized an entire field at one point in history.

Is this divine guidance? Who knows…

It’s certainly a physical manifestation that had to occur so we could evolve.

Of course, the information we receive will always be in accordance with our level of perception and vibration.

Otherwise, we would be overwhelmed with a level of consciousness beyond what we can handle.

That’s why…

Connecting to a high-vibrational entity is relatively easy but maintaining the correct mental state is entirely different.

How To Connect To Higher Entities

Before any attempt, it’s best to:

  • Practice self-treatment and include the Reiki symbols  you have access to;
  • Enter the Alpha state of mind ;
  • Perform a cleansing meditation;

These steps will help you relax and empty your mind while dissolving residual energies.

Once you are in a meditative state:

  • Visualize a door of light in front of you;
  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on this door;
  • Add Dai Ko Myo if you have access to it;
  • Visualize as the door opens to the entity you wish to connect with;
  • Remember that you’ll only experience the presence of its extension that matches your current vibration and knowledge level.

Once this happens, you may ask the questions you have, but don’t expect a specific answer. You’ll always receive what it’s best for you and not what you’ve anticipated.

Please don’t try to force anything as this will only lead to confusion. Instead, let things flow and be grateful for the guidance you receive regardless of how insignificant it may seem.

Lastly, close the door when you feel it’s time and finish with a Reiki self-treatment or grounding meditation.


Celestial beings offer guidance, protection, and healing, but they will never do the work for us.

We are responsible for our spiritual development, and we need to put in the effort to raise our vibration.

Whenever you feel lost, disconnected, or confused, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

The answers will come, but it’s your job to be receptive and take action accordingly.

It all starts with a simple decision of wanting to improve.

From there, everything else will fall into place.