Crafting Physical Wellness Through Spiritual Harmony

Have you ever stopped to wonder:

If our physical bodies are healthier when our spirit is strong, why do we keep on polishing the pot instead of nurturing the roots?

My belief is that the spiritual and physical worlds are interconnected.

The natural flow descends from the spiritual realm into the energetic body, impacting the physical. This results from present actions cumulated with the spiritual values gained throughout multiple lifetimes.

Once again, it’s what makes sense to me from my experience and knowledge.

While we hold the power to change our way of thinking, aiding the physical body requires specialized training.

So, we end up with a paradox:

Our physical body’s health, the one we all aspire to, strongly connects to our mindset and emotional state. Therefore, by working to improve these elements first through energy work and opening to new spiritual perceptions, we can influence our body’s health and well-being.

Many turn to affirmations and simple rituals because they take less time or don’t want to surface the truth.

However, the introspection you experience through spiritual practices is the one that can engineer real change.

The physical body is the reflection of our mental and emotional health.

A good friend of mine, who is a Reiki practitioner and Pilates teacher, once shared this idea with me.

During one of her classes, I pondered on its more profound meaning while turning my attention toward my body.

It didn’t take too long to become aware of the physical imbalances that were now part of my life.

The regular back pain, limited mobility, and the mediocre function of my digestive system are just a few examples that had been easy to dismiss. Yet, this awareness helped me realize that I could take better care of my mental and emotional health.

This realization led me to understand that the spine is where a big chunk of the residual energies and unexpressed emotions get stored.

In fact, each segment corresponds to a chakra, which, in turn, is linked to a specific emotion.

Acknowledging and addressing these imbalances eventually helped me release general tension and enjoy more physical comfort.

Ignoring Imbalances

Usually, this translates into pain. In my case, it was back pain.

We define being healthy as a lack of physical discomfort when, in fact, feeling pain is the last manifestation of an imbalance.

It goes without saying that ignoring it will only aggravate the situation both energetically and physically. Therefore, our energy healing efforts will have diminishing returns, and medical intervention can soon become inevitable.

IMPORTANT: Spiritual practices and allopathic medicine complement each other. Reiki is not a replacement but a fantastic prevention tool and valuable support during a possible treatment.

Understanding Back Pain From An Emotional And Energetic Standpoint

Each spine section relates to a specific body area, which is governed by a chakra.

For example…

  • Cervical pain may manifest due to unexpressed emotions or fear of judgment and criticism. This area corresponds to the back projection of the throat chakra;
  • The thoracic area connects to the back projection of the heart chakra. It involves past relationships and thoughts that we may have clung to for too long;
  • The lumbar spine area is often associated with a disharmony between your aspirations and current life;

Some might say…

“Ok, I get that, but my desk job inevitably leads to such issues.”

Of course, the physical routine plays a big part. But then, one must wonder…

“Why am I in this position?”

Looking deeper into the spiritual aspects that led you to live the life you’re living can reveal many truths. Some you may dislike. But it’s usually the reality we cannot see at first that can guide us toward better decisions.

How To Use Reiki For Back-Related Pain

First, it’s good to understand that you are not taking medicine to make the pain go away.

Reiki and any other energy healing practice can only help dissolve the residual energy trapped within the spine’s structure.

While this may seem like an indirect action, it’s actually the most straightforward because you’re directly addressing the root cause. Together with acknowledging the reasons that contribute to your current situation, you can head toward holistic healing.

The Pillar Of Light technique:

  • Do this 5 minutes each day for about a month;
  • Activate your palms by rubbing them thoroughly against each other or by applying Reiki symbols;
  • Place one hand on the cervical and one on the lumbar area;
  • Begin to visualize an abundant flow of energy flooding the spine and cleansing the back projection of each chakra;

And that’s it!

Still, consider complementing this technique with regular self-treatment, introspection meditations, and even group seminars.

The Benefits Of Energetically Cleansing Your Spine

  • Balance the main energy channel, Sushumna, removing negative energies and repelling negative programs;
  • Align the back projections of the primary chakras, providing them with a healthier energy flow;
  • Grow more aware of any low-vibrational emotions when performed daily;

In essence, tending to our spiritual health is not an esoteric concept but a practical pathway to physical well-being.

By integrating Reiki and its principles into our daily lives, we’re not just seeking temporary relief but addressing the foundational energies that sculpt our existence.

As we align our chakras and clear our energetic pathways, the body responds, often in ways that transcend our conventional understanding of health.

Therefore, embrace this paradox with an open heart and allow the unseen spiritual currents to guide you toward a state of balance that reflects in every step, breath, and heartbeat.

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