From Personal Perception to Universal Connection: Discover the Spiritual Value of Love

Looking back at the events dominating the world stage in the past few years, I found it helpful to take a step back and reflect.

I was intrigued by people’s reactions, especially those who should know better, and why they favor a certain behavior when it obviously is of no help to anyone.

It’s when one element stood out…

Or when the same element was completely ignored…

An essential component for healthy human interaction, personal development, and spiritual growth.

This entire concept is covered by one word…


And I’m not randomly defining “love” as a concept rather than a feeling.

Because when you look at it from this perspective, love becomes a path to multiple divine values.

For some, it’s the simple everyday challenge of providing for their family.

Others see it as purely physical, a sacrifice, or total dedication.

There are also those who open their hearts to whatever may come and embrace every day with joy and fulfillment.

Bottom line…

Each person is unique, and experiences love differently.

That’s where the problem arises.

It’s not so much about the lack of love in the world but rather the lack of awareness we all have regarding this concept.

If we would simply try to define what feeds our soul day by day, with time, we would learn more about ourselves and how we interact with the world.

This awareness would gradually develop into acceptance and understanding, eventually changing our resonance and raising our vibration.

Why LOVE Matters

Love manifests differently for each individual because they have not been exposed to its pure, divine form from the outset of their life.

Alternatively, this could be due to their resonance with specific vibrational levels, which impacts their perception of love even from childhood.

If everyone were to receive love in a way that aligns with their individual perception during childhood, it is possible that the world would experience fewer emotional issues and unfulfilled desires that often lead to conflicts, political problems, and inadequate governance.

This is merely a possibility, however.

What I do know for certain is that comprehending love in its unadulterated form enables individuals to empathize with the needs of others.

This prompts them to assist rather than control.

LOVE Is Only One

Spiritually, love is only one.

Even though it can get complex and have unique facets, love is still one single concept in its divine form.

It’s made of:

Compassion – the divine value of opening your heart;

Caring – the nurturing attention you can offer;

Action – the dynamic physical and emotional part needed to set the first two elements in motion;

Taken individually, they are not enough to bring the concept of love into the physical plane.

Therefore, everything has to live in harmony for the true essence of love to manifest.

When you begin offering these values to yourself, you’ll find it easy to do so for others.

Sharing Divine LOVE

I believe divine, spiritual love is not limited to one person.

Once you tap into this concept, sharing it beyond your closest connections will only seem natural.

Divine love thrives through exploration.

It’s unconditional and travels without limitations.

It is the pure manifestation of the divine source of light.

A Christian prayer to Archangel Raphael states the following:

Love goes through fire, yet it remains unconsumed.

In the body descends, but in the divine world, it resides.

On the Cross hangs itself, but stands death victorious!

Once you tap into divine love, you’ll discover our true potential for creating a spiritual world.

Shifting From Personal Perception To Divine Love

The primary barriers that prevent us from accurately perceiving divine values are often rooted in our past emotional traumas, negative patterns, and lingering energies.

By connecting with the divine consciousness, we can bring about healing to our mental and emotional layers. As a result, we gradually develop a more profound spiritual perspective.

Consequently, old beliefs about the concept of love should begin to shift.

The best way to initiate this process is by healing the chakras because they act as emotional transmitters.

It’s best to start at the root chakra level, where you’ll find the lowest vibrational emotions. Then, working yourself up to the crown chakra, you’ll begin to encounter more pure, refined energies.

Yet, to heal the soul and better connect with divine love, you’ll want to focus most of your efforts on the heart chakra.

Cleansing this energy center will also balance your emotional subtle body, enabling you to perceive love at a spiritual level.

Embarking on this self-discovery journey can prove life-changing.

As you heal your emotional traumas, you begin to experience the world through a more profound spiritual perspective.

It is a transformative process that requires dedication and patience.

Yet, the rewards are immeasurable.