Mastering Self-Acceptance: Using Reiki To Help Heal Your Inner Self Programs

Throughout the years of attending Reiki classes and courses, I’ve met many practitioners who struggled to work with imbalances at the mind, soul, and inner self levels.

Still, one situation stands out.

This is about a close colleague who fell into a deep sadness lasting nearly a year.

She was constantly tired and found it challenging to use Reiki to heal her emotional layers and restore her inner strength.

I wanted to understand what was happening in her life, but I didn’t want to intrude upon her personal matters.

This changed one day at a Reiki seminar when she started crying and left the room briefly. When she returned, she wiped away her tears and retook her seat.

After the seminar ended, I approached her to see if I could help in any way.

She was basically overwhelmed with life.

She constantly found herself multitasking, solving issues left and right, barely finding a moment to breathe.

But bursting into tears was a positive manifestation. It was a moment of truth when she could finally exteriorize her feelings and acknowledge her situation… at least to some extent.

As the conversation developed, I realized she was entangled in a neverending race to please others, neglecting her needs and desires.

And so I asked her…

“Have you ever considered setting healthy boundaries?”

“You know… the ones that help others understand that your life is just as important as theirs. Also, let the world know, including yourself, that without carrying for your own good, it’s impossible to satisfy the needs of others in the best way possible.”

She paused, took some time to reflect, and looked at me with a glimpse of hope in her eyes.

“I never thought of it that way,” she replied…

Having her approval to continue, I went on describing “healthy boundaries” as a crucial element for well-being. It’s far from being a selfish approach, but instead, one that benefits all parties.

It allows you to appreciate free time and embrace self-acceptance at your core.

In fact, self-acceptance is instrumental for the inner self mechanism to receive healing. It goes beyond simply approving who and what you are but integrating the qualities, potentials, and imbalances within your inner self.

It also enhances the beneficial elements while healing negative patterns and programs.

And yes… I know this may sound “Too simple to be true” or “Easier said than done.”

But with a bit of effort set in the right direction, you can work toward embracing self-acceptance and even make it part of your identity.

The first step is to acknowledge the need for change.

Then, the one thing that matters most in balancing your relationship with self-acceptance is healing the inner self programs.

This implies recognizing the existence of both positive and negative programs within yourself that you might have inherited from past and present lives.

These come as thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Growing aware of them is an essential step in your healing journey as they influence the situations, events, and behaviors you attract.

How To Address Inner Self Programs With Reiki

Your goal is to enhance the potential of positive programs while healing and transforming negative ones into positive ones.

Reiki can be immensely helpful in achieving this.

Still, here are two more direct ways to approach this:

Fast Transmutation

  • During the Reiki self-treatment, allocate up to 10 extra minutes to focus on the sacral area;
  • Set the clear intention of gradually healing all negative programs and enhancing positive ones;
  • This constant flow of universal life force energy alongside a specific intention can reduce the time needed to dissolve the energies behind these programs compared to a regular self-treatment;
  • Consider doing this at least twice per week;

The Longer Transformation

  • Some individuals may need more time to heal;
  • In this case, it’s mandatory to support your energy work with lifestyle changes;
  • Obviously, this is a lengthier process, but the results should be more profound;
  • You can consider this approach regardless of the severity of your negative programs;

The Benefits Of Balancing Negative Programs At The Inner Self Level

  • Increased vibration;
  • Your resonance toward events, people, and situations will change for the better;
  • This will also lead to balancing the subtle bodies, chakras, and physical body;
  • Your mind will begin operating at a higher energetic frequency. Low vibrational elements such as gossip, criticism, or envy will gradually diminish;
  • Self-acceptance will start to define you, and this can only improve all aspects of your life;

Embracing self-acceptance and addressing inner self programs through Reiki can have transformative effects on your well-being.

By setting healthy boundaries and recognizing the importance of your own needs, you create a space for healing and growth.

Through Reiki self-treatment, you can fast-track the transmutation of negative programs and enhance positive ones for increased vibration and resonance.

As you begin to operate at a higher energetic frequency, you will experience a shift in your mindset and a reduction of low vibrational elements in your life.

Self-acceptance is an important step forward in one’s spiritual journey.

Even if it’s a challenging starting point, feel free to leave all possible self-imposed expectations aside.

The sooner you start looking at self-acceptance as a life-long journey, the easier it will be to manifest a profound and positive shift in all aspects of your life.