Become Aware Of Your Inner-Self And Start Healing From Within

Healing oneself is a widely spread concept among most spiritual practices. There is mental, emotional, and energetic healing. While each one contributes to our health, the most important happens at the inner-self level.

It might sound abstract, and even some Reiki teachers find it difficult to explain.

But I was curious enough to explore this subject.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to read about it in books and articles. Therefore, many conversations with fellow practitioners, as well as my own experience, led to my present understanding.

I’ll do my best to simplify the concept and highlight the essentials so you can hopefully apply them in your practice.

What Is The InnerSelf

Inner self healing plays a crucial role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It can support our development as Reiki practitioners.

In short, it represents your true self, your true nature. It’s the spiritual element that contains both light and shadow. It includes experiences from the present and past lives.

In Hindu philosophy, the inner self is known as the Kundalini energy or the Kundalini snake. Its core energy resides at the base of the spine. Therefore, it has the potential to gradually rise through your primary energetic centers as you grow from a spiritual perspective.

For this to happen, both light and shadow need to be in harmony with each other. This will create an overall healing effect and also raise your consciousness level.

It’s a trigger for spiritual growth.

When you provide enough attention to your inner self, you’ll begin to stop feeling guilty for events that are outside of your control. You’ll learn how to offer compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Moreover, you’ll acknowledge that past behavior was, in fact, mental sabotage. It prevented you from manifesting your true potential.

On the other hand…

Neglecting the inner self means ignoring both light and shadow. Each side has particular needs that have to be fulfilled harmoniously. There are rare situations when a distressed inner-self projects its own level of frustration into the world. It’s common among interactions with family members or close friends.

When this happens, it’s usually the reflection of untreated emotional wounds.

NOTE: Light and shadow should not be associated with good and evil. They need to coexist and receive healing to function properly and support your spiritual evolution. It’s like the Yin and Yang of our inner-self.

When we neglect our inner-self, we tend to manifest:

  • Frustration;
  • Fear;
  • Overthinking;
  • Lack of self-confidence;
  • Depression and sadness;
  • Excessive anxiety;
  • An overall nervous behavior towards others;
  • Criticism towards others;
  • Selfishness;

​When you experience the healing of the inner self, you can manifest the following:

  • A natural feeling of offering understanding and forgiveness towards yourself and the people you come in contact with;
  • You are free from emotional attachments;
  • Self-confidence and self-respect; (not to be confused with arrogance or selfishness);
  • A balanced emotional state;
  • Contentment and gratitude with the people and the world around you;
  • A higher sense of awareness towards what needs to be healed within you;

As you have probably guessed by now, the inner self has a strong link with mental and emotional health. In fact, it is through the inner self that we manifest these two sides into the exterior, physical world.

How To Start Healing Your Inner-Self

Regardless of your Reiki level, whenever you practice self-treatment, you also heal the inner self.

But … there’s more!

Once you’ve finished the self-treatment, activate your palms and focus on the sacral area. Have the intention of healing the inner self in the best way for you.

The sacral area is the base of your inner self, and that’s why it’s crucial to balance it first.

This will help remove any residual and negative energies as well as unhealthy patterns.

Others Methods For Inner Self Healing

Physical exercise is beneficial for many reasons. One is freeing your inner self from stagnant energies. It’s a way to support your confidence and well-being.

Outdoor activities are probably the best because you also benefit from nature’s energy. And I find walking for 30-60 minutes to be more than enough for most people. Either way, the physical movement gradually releases those energies while stimulating your vital energy.

Meditation is another excellent way to understand the inner self. There are many Kundalini awakening meditations out there.


Before diving into the awakening part, I would suggest introspection meditation. This implies getting to know your inner self before raising its energy through the primary chakras.

Unfortunately, there is no exact pattern for such a meditation. Therefore, you can use your intuition and the Reiki guides to help you properly understand your inner self.

  • Play some relaxing music, light candles and incense sticks, and build a comfortable mood;
  • Close your eyes and relax;
  • Take several deep breaths to calm your mind;
  • Go deep and try to perceive the needs of your inner self;
  • Let them come out and become aware of them so you can start healing in a focused manner;

Nobody can know you better than yourself. It’s a life-long process, but the best time to start is today. It won’t take long before you enjoy the positive effects of this process.