The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

Life is a journey where you learn to discover yourself and evolve by gaining new knowledge.

Every individual and situation you encounter will mirror your current inner-self, vibration, and comprehension.

We all have unique approaches to finding ourselves.

And… it’s a work in progress rather than a finite game.

My recent adventure took around 5000 miles to Da Nang, Vietnam  – a place with solid spiritual values where people are friendlier than many other places on Earth.

The attention, care, and quality of energy you experience in the Buddhist gardens are astonishing.

The harmony between the beneficial energy of Buddha and the auspicious energy of dragons and pagodas produces an ideal balance of components.

As a result, this encourages a peaceful ambiance, which leads to peacefulness.

When you enter these places, you instantly feel a high vibrational wave of light – a perfect example of the manifestation of the universal life force energy in the physical realm.

This is how our environment can be a teacher, showing us how to live in balance and connect with our true nature.

The Purpose

Before I left, my friends asked me if I was running away or towards something specific.

“My goal is to better understand myself” – I replied.

Beyond the joy and excitement traveling offers, one should also perceive the spiritual essence of the journey they are about to embark on.

This is a process of looking inwards and connecting with the true self.

Furthermore, if you expose yourself to high-vibrational places, you’ll also enjoy a thorough cleansing and balancing of your mind and soul.

However, do not get trapped in the expectation that you can only find peace and happiness when traveling, but rather seek it within yourself.

While a large wave of energy may provide a beneficial boost to your awareness level, having smaller ones on a daily basis is a healthy practice.

That’s why you don’t need to make huge efforts to stimulate your spiritual growth.

If you consciously connect to the universal energy regularly, even if it’s for just a few minutes, you’ll achieve more than you might think.

Small things like:

  • Burning incense;
  • Listening to high vibrational music;
  • Meditating;
  • Activating the Reiki symbols on your body;
  • Sending energy to your future for 10 minutes each day;
  • Relaxing while clearing your mind;

Will bring you back to balance and serve as a reminder of the divine presence within you.

While at times you might feel the need for a “reset,” the best way is to practice accepting yourself and your inner dialogues, as well as letting go of perfection.

Therefore, avoid overthinking.

When engaging in beneficial spiritual practices, don’t hesitate too much!

Also, as spiritual practitioners, our duty is to bring light to our lives daily.

We may not always be the purest or most balanced channels, but paying attention to our inner needs will create an optimum rhythm. This will offer peace and serenity to our souls, as well as mental and emotional healing.

Enjoy a “moment of divine grace.”

This means connecting to higher dimensions of light while receiving the necessary energy and information for that specific time.

We all have different ways of discovering ourselves and our purpose in life.

Sometimes traveling to high-vibrational places is the answer, while other times might be through smaller, everyday practices.

The important thing is to stay open to growth and exploration, both physically and spiritually.