Acknowledging The Existence Of Energy Exchange When Providing Therapy

When practicing Reiki on others, do we absorb part of their residual or negative energies?

Is the universal life force energy flow enough to cleanse and protect us during and after each session?

This is a long-time debated topic within the Reiki community.

It’s also one of the most common questions I’m asked by new students.


I dare to say, one crucial element in providing effective and efficient therapeutic Reiki treatments.

But let’s take it step by step.

Set The Right Expectations

Regardless of its form, therapy is an art that blends together knowledge, experiences, and intuition – your spiritual connection with the divine energy and spirit guides.

In therapy, you create a bond with the patient and allow them to express themselves freely.

The therapist becomes a mirror that shows the patient a new perspective of themselves.

Your role is to help them see what’s already buried deep within and guide them towards the best solution for their situation.

It’s a complex spiritual process yet relatively straightforward to put in motion. It’s how the individual finds that lost balance, which will eventually lead to healing.

When you offer any form of therapy to someone:

  • You harmonize your physical, mental, and energetic structures;
  • You interact with their vibration and energies;
  • At one point, an energy exchange will take place, creating energetic cords;
  • Both low and high vibrational elements will be transferred, and you can also receive any residual or trapped energies they may be carrying;

But the experiences can wildly vary from person to person because of the individual vibration and resonance.

So you’ll share only those components that resonate with your inner self.

The energy exchange may be harmonious and beneficial.

However, other times it can become quite challenging. 

The intensity will also vary depending on the nature of the relationship. Still, the process will take place whether we like it or not.

Always be grateful, even when things don’t look too rosy. Each event is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and develop our spiritual side.

​The Benefits Of Doing Energy Work For Others

  • You’ll always receive something in return when you focus your efforts on the well-being of others. The most prominent is an increased universal energy flow that can sustain and cleanse both the patient and yourself;
  • As you enter the patient’s energetic structures, you’ll receive part of their programs, energies, and even entities. These elements will manifest in accordance with your own vibration and resonance. In other words, you will absorb less if your resonance and vibration are high. The benefit is that you’ll develop a stronger connection with your intuition which will help guide you in your treatments;
  • These sessions don’t have to happen randomly. You can always build layers of protection prior to treating others and cleanse yourself after you’re done. It’s like working your muscles, which will eventually help you become more resilient with time. This will gradually train you to engage in more challenging situations without depleting all of your energy;

Start with small and more manageable sessions. Work only with a few patients at first until you feel comfortable and confident enough to expand your reach.

Of course, we cannot help everyone and shouldn’t even try.

Usually, people connect when they are ready, so it’s rare to encounter patients who are entirely against change and growth.

Still, it’s essential to be selective when it comes to choosing your patients.

Like anything, Reiki practitioners have different experience levels and unique resonance. Therefore, never feel bad for refusing someone with issues beyond your scope of practice.

This is vital not only for the patient’s sake but also to protect your own energy.

As my Reiki teacher once said:

“In this field of work, whether it’s Reiki or other practices, you either take the slow path which is growing by yourself and doing your best to exist as a beacon of light, or you grow through helping others.

The latter is much faster. It comes with more wisdom, experiences, and insights. But it’s also more demanding because you’re constantly exposed to different energies, some of which can be quite heavy.”

The best path is the one you resonate with the most. Choosing something that offers peace of mind and joy is crucial to a smooth evolution.

To sum up, doing energy work for others is always a two-way street.

The focus should be on the patient but know that you’ll also receive plenty of benefits in return. These include an increased connection with your intuition, more wisdom, and a stronger sense of self.

It can be a rewarding experience that will help you grow in ways you never thought possible.

So, if you feel called to help others with Reiki, don’t hesitate.

Just be sure to take the necessary steps to protect your own energy along the way.