Dragons: Understanding Their Role And How To Harness Their Energy

Sometimes, there’s a strange presence around that you can’t define.

It feels intense…

Yet, it’s not angelic nor negative.

Many Reiki practitioners experience the company of dragons during sessions or in day-to-day life.

But they often misinterpret these signals.

Our cultural stories and personal fears can paint dragons as dark forces when, in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

The realm of dragons is vast and filled with untapped potential that can seem intimidating at first glance.

It’s easy to shy away from this energy, fearing its presence rather than embracing the immense benefits it can bring to your practice.

Luckily, you only need a few pointers to turn intimidation into empowerment.

This newfound knowledge can give you the ability to harness dragon energy to deepen your connection with the spiritual world and enrich your ​Reiki practice​.

Moreover, by exposing yourself to a diverse spiritual experience, you’ll start navigating life’s challenges with more clarity and wisdom.

You’ll raise your level of protection and invite more abundance into your life.

So, let’s explore the world of dragons further and learn how to harness their presence to upgrade our spiritual wisdom.

Dragons Around The World

I’ve met numerous individuals who mistakenly viewed dragons as dark or hostile forces.

Despite being aware of their existence, my stance was initially neutral, guided by an understanding that these beings weren’t inherently malevolent.

In fact, it’s common for spiritual practitioners to have personal encounters with dragons at some point in their journey.

First, let’s take a step back and understand how various cultures perceive dragons. My exploration of their historical and spiritual significance led me to a personal interpretation of these entities.

Dragons have been depicted in art and literature for over 6,000 years, influencing various cultures and religions worldwide.

In ancient times, when people were deeply engaged with spirituality and the occult, some developed clairvoyant abilities. They began seeing angels, demons, and dragons.

However, due to a general lack of spiritual education, dragons were often mistakenly identified as evil entities.

This misconception stems partly from their fierce and aggressive appearance in the spiritual realm despite their neutral behavior.

Over millennia, the word spread, and each nation perceived dragons in its own way.

So, dragons had very different interpretations, from large flying snakes to symbolic depictions of power.

• In Europe – dragons were seen as malevolent, destructive and evil.

• In Asia – things were quite different. Dragons had constructive roles like supporting monetary income to maintaining the physical structure of a shrine or palace. Moreover, dragons were considered a part of nature’s spirits that could be tamed to “work” with people.

• Native Americans – A similar approach was taken on the other side of the world. Native Americans viewed dragons as creative spirits of nature and believed they should be left at peace.

Polynesian culture – here dragons were meant to ward off evil spirits.

My Experience With Dragons

My journey with dragons began probably fifteen years ago.

But it wasn’t until recently that one of my teacher’s writings on dragons helped me connect the dots with past experiences.

Here are three key insights about dragons:

  1. Unlike angels and archangels, which can exist across multiple dimensions, dragons are spiritual extensions of the material world. Therefore, some of these elements are connected to Earth’s natural elements: soil, fire, wind, and water. Others connect to abundance, wisdom, or vital energy, while some resonate with music and high/low vibrational rituals;
  2. Dragons vary greatly in size and shape. From a few inches to several miles in length, dragons can take wildly different forms. They have been present on Earth, long before humanity, influencing the spiritual energy of the land, our communities, and the businesses we’ve built;
  3. The success and longevity of a business or community may depend on the local dragon’s resonance with the establishment, underscoring the importance of respecting these entities;

For years, I sensed a presence that was neither negative nor angelic.

A feeling that was challenging to articulate.

My understanding and connection to dragons deepened during physical activities like sports, where I noticed significant improvements in stamina and determination.

Traveling abroad allowed me to sense the unique energies of dragons as well. This typically happened during moments of solitude when I practiced acknowledgment and appreciation.

Another thing I’ve noticed throughout the years is that dragons sometimes attach certain individuals. There isn’t a rule, but more about how the dragon resonates with their vibration.

This allows the person to either integrate this entity into their energetic structure or repel it.

NOTE: Be aware that larger dragons can intensify both personal strengths and weaknesses, potentially causing headaches if not properly integrated or sent away.

How To Handle Dragons With Reiki

Once again, when you feel the presence of a dragon in your energy fields, you have two options. You either accept them or send them away.

Here’s what you can do for each situation:

1) Send The Dragon Away

If you’re not ready to deal with a dragon, the best approach is to gently send it off through distance healing:

  • Activate your palms with Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen + Dai Ko Myo (for Usui Level 3). Feel free to add other symbols;
  • Activate the same symbols on your primary chakras to create a protective layer around your aura;
  • Open an energetic gateway in front of you with the same sequence of symbols. Declare your intention to create this gateway aligned with the dragon’s dimension;
  • Direct your energy to guide the dragon peacefully to this new dimension;

Be patient, as this might take some time. If necessary, repeat over several days until the process feels complete.

2) Integrate The Dragon Into Your Energetic Structure

  • Activate Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen between you and the dragon;
  • Visualize the dragon’s energy merging with yours. This integration might take some time, so remain patient;
  • Conduct a self-treatment session afterward. If the integration doesn’t feel complete, continue this process daily until you feel the dragon has fully merged with your energy;

Integrating a dragon can significantly amplify your existing skills or help you acquire new ones more quickly. The more you heal yourself emotionally and evolve spiritually, the more your dragon will follow.

The same stands true for the opposite. Therefore, an incompletely integrated dragon might cause headaches or magnify less desirable aspects of your personality.


Dragons are neither bad nor good…

Evil nor angelic…

They exist as crucial elements of the material world, balancing between opposite forces.

While you can align, train, and even tame them, never underestimate their influence.

Their behavior might remind you of cats to some extent—unpredictable and possibly prickly if approached incorrectly.

Dragons possess unique personalities and aren’t as docile as other benevolent spiritual entities.

Yet, they will cooperate if you demonstrate sufficient inner strength and respect for their autonomy.

Engaging with dragons, whether by sending them off or integrating them into your practice, requires patience, respect, and a deep understanding of your capabilities and limits.

Becoming aware of their existence is the first step.

Take time, assess the situation, and trust that your inner guidance will inform the optimum decisions.