The Physical Body Is An Indispensable Tool For Spiritual Growth

Although we live in a physical plane, our world is permanently interconnected with other spiritual dimensions.

According to the concept of the Sephirotic Tree, we find ourselves at the intersection between the higher and lower spiritual worlds. This “middle” location is expressed through the physical realm with access to the spiritual planes (high and low).

These realms intertwine.

Therefore, they are not layered on each other as people perceive them. Unfortunately, scholars interested in the vast knowledge of the spiritual world usually overlook the importance of the physical plane. They forget that everything starts here.

This is where the physical, perceptible, and tangible dimension manifests. It is here that we begin to gather thoughts and intentions that we further express through our physical body. So, it is crucial to understand that reaching a higher dimension and benefiting from a genuine spiritual evolution can only happen this way.

That’s why we must take our time and give it our full attention.

The Physical Body Influences All Levels

Now… I am neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer.

Still… I’m confident you don’t need this expertise to understand how both influence our well-being and evolution.

Eating healthy is not going to grow your spiritual awareness. Meditating all day is not the ideal way to lift your consciousness. But finding balance in each of these areas while improving a little each day will.

Physical exercise acts as a mental and energetical “cleansing device.”

What does this mean…?

You release stagnant energies whenever you walk, run, or warm up. These have been piling up and are now leaving your body. Moving the limbs and stretching your ligaments will accelerate this process.

The effects become present at all levels. You’ll help cleanse your mind of negative patterns and shift your awareness towards other, more important activities.

It’s a very accessible process that supports spiritual growth. Keep in mind that practicing sports or various workouts are wonderful ways to keep anxiety, depression, anger, or grief as far away as possible.

Bring your vital energy into the equation and start revitalizing your body. Slowly become a channel through which the universal and vital energy will flow. Having a bit of discipline in both physical and spiritual activities will tick most boxes. It’s not only a path to well-being but also to a higher state of consciousness.

Propel your spiritual growth with this complete set of “tools and habits,” and everything will evolve harmoniously.

The physical realm is of the essence. Do not underestimate its role in your spiritual life because it’s why we’re here and learn about the connection and usefulness of our physical and spiritual bodies.

Balance Is Critical

Let me share what I’ve discovered throughout the years. It will hopefully help you see things more clearly and make better calls.

I experienced both worlds.

I went from intense physical training and daily, deep Reiki practices to becoming careless and lazy. I was privileged to have everything I needed to let these days turn into weeks and, eventually…months.

It’s definitely not something I recommend.

It was just my way to explore this world further and learn more about myself in relation to the medium I’m part of. My answer to all this madness is that balance is critical.

I’ll save you a lot of time and tell you right off the bat that you don’t need to go as far as I did. What’s important is to address yourself at all levels and never forget the role your physical body plays in all this.

You have your own rhythm that’s different than mine. Focus on defining it really well and be at peace with yourself. Time, trust, and action will take you to the optimum place.