The Unexpected ‘Side Effect’ Of Diving Deep Into Reiki

The moments in life when you have free time on your hands are pretty scarce as an adult. You crave them when they are out of reach and don’t know how to make the most out of them when they become a reality.

That was the case for me as I transitioned from a college graduate to a Master’s program.

I suddenly found myself with a bunch of surplus time I could do anything with.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate myself to the study of Reiki.

From morning til afternoon, I diligently practiced Reiki self-treatment, complemented by various meditations after each session. These meditations served multiple purposes, from energy cleansing and chakra activation to astral journeys into higher dimensions.

This period aimed to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Integration of the knowledge and energy from the Reiki systems to which I was attuned, encompassing their methods, symbols, and concepts;
  2. Gaining a better understanding of the transformations in my mental and emotional layers resulting from combining the meditations with the Reiki self-treatment;
  3. Conduct an experiment – dive deeper into the connection between the physical and spiritual realms while limiting my social interaction;

Six months went by before my relationship with the universal life force energy dramatically improved. I had also managed to transmute many emotional imbalances that demanded my attention.

However, I began to experience a sense of detachment, as if I was constantly with my head among the clouds.

Despite occasional grounding meditations, I felt disconnected from the earthly realm.

This shift in vibration also altered my social interactions, making it challenging to communicate effectively with my colleagues and friends.

Furthermore, I grappled with a certain discomfort regarding how our physical world operated in relation to higher dimensions, such as the angelic realms.

It dawned on me that my extreme approach had led to what’s commonly referred to as “burnout” – specifically a “Reiki burnout.”


Believe it or not, it’s one of the main reasons some practitioners eventually abandon Reiki.

Allow me to explain…

Although this personal time brought many benefits, I struggled to reconcile my experience of bathing in divine light with the demands of the physical world.

This led me to perceive the world as “broken” or incomplete.

Yet, in reality, this freshly acquired view was flawed because it simply reflected my inability to harmonize the flow of universal life force energy with the realities of everyday life.

This internal conflict could create a rift in one’s mindset, eventually leading to a temporary abandonment of their previous way of life or Reiki practice.

While I wholeheartedly support positive life changes, sometimes what needs alteration is not our external circumstances but our approach to life.

Neglecting this perspective can lead to sadness or depression, hindering our progress toward both personal goals and the energy work we do.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the many reasons practitioners may abandon Reiki without proper guidance.

As my teacher used to say:

“The world is the same for everybody. The way you choose to see it is your choice.”

This statement holds profound meaning, signifying that our vibration, resonance, and level of understanding shape our perception of the world each day.

In my case, I was wondering why I had ceased my practice and participation in weekly seminars. It struck me that I had been succumbing to my limitations, mistakenly believing that every aspect of life, including Reiki, needed to be taken to an extreme.

It was then that I shifted my perspective, striving for balance.

And… it wasn’t long before I realized that practicing Reiki, embracing daily responsibilities, socializing, and removing guilt from what brought pleasure in my life created the healthy balance I was after.

A blend of various elements is often needed to stabilize the energy flow from both the light and shadow sides.

Indeed, balancing these elements differs for each individual, but discovering that “golden path” enables us to benefit from all facets of life.

When it comes to rekindling a connection with Reiki, there’s no need for a dramatic turning point.

You can start one step at a time:

  • Meditate and free your mind using high-vibrational music;
  • Seek the support of your Reiki spirit guides to enhance your connection with the universal life force energy;
  • Perform a Reiki self-treatment without the symbols to align the universal flow with your current vibration;
  • Use each Reiki symbol individually during your practice to further deepen your connection and hopefully surface new insights;

This gradual process should lead you back into the essence and vibration of Usui Reiki or other similar systems like Karuna or Shamballa.

The Benefits

  • Reiki fosters a sense of order and accomplishment that can help you find balance and purpose, leading to a more organized and fulfilling existence;
  • Reiki is a gentle way to raise your overall vibration, improving your mental and physical health;
  • By harmonizing various elements in your life, Reiki allows you to draw energy and wisdom from diverse sources. This balance facilitates your growth, both mentally and spiritually, fostering a holistic and enriched perspective on life;

Bottom Line

There’s no need for extreme decisions when faced with intense or overwhelming situations.

Instead, take a step back, reflect, and seek a way to harmonize the various aspects of your current life.

My experience serves as a testament to that.

Rather than succumbing to chaotic thinking, finding inner balance first was the better choice.

Your inner struggle will eventually manifest on the outside.

Then, it will backfire, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Therefore, even if it seems hard at first, work to bring peace on the inside to reap the rewards of external support.