Is Shamballa Reiki Something Worth Your Attention

There are many Reiki systems out there one can engage with in their spiritual journey. While some are merely a source of publicity, others hold incredible knowledge and wisdom.

Examples like Gendai or Komyo ReikiDo have their origin in Usui Reiki.

Others, such as Karuna, Lightarian, or Angel Reiki, were channeled by dedicated and pure practitioners.

How It All Started

Shamballa Reiki is among the systems that significantly contributed to our spiritual ascension. Mr. John Armitage, also known by his spiritual name “Hari Das Melchizedek,” channeled it during the mid-90s.

He established a special connection with the Count of Saint Germain, who enabled him to channel the corresponding knowledge and energies.

Thanks to Mr. John Armitage, Shamballa Reiki is now part of our physical realm as a complex healing and spiritual ascension system that allows the practitioner to go beyond what the traditional Usui Reiki offers.

What It Does

It includes traditional as well as unique symbols that give the practitioner the ability to transition from mental and emotional healing to activating latent spiritual potentials.

One of the main differences between Shamballa Reiki and other systems is the speed at which one can progress. While most give you the opportunity to take your time and develop in your optimum rhythm, Shamballa accelerates the process. This happens because of its higher vibration and purpose.

Therefore, practitioners looking to start exploring this amazing energy healing type must be in a sound stage and have most of their imbalances healed.

Shamballa Reiki consists of various symbols and meditations guiding practitioners to a higher consciousness state.

This journey leads to acknowledging those deep matters that must surface before long-term blockages dissolve. For this to occur, each attunement activates the Earth Star chakra.

The Shamballa Reiki practice also stimulates transpersonal chakras like the Soul Star chakra. This opens you up to higher levels of the universal life force energy, which, in turn, helps you cope with the healing of past karmic debts.

NOTE: Considering the sheer amount of information this system provides, and the high vibration levels you interact with, I always recommend Shamballa Reiki to those who have already reached the master/teacher level in other systems.

A Quick Overview Of Shamballa Reiki’s Structure

  • Level 1 – You gain access to the Usui symbols and one from Karuna Reiki at this stage. You’ll also interact with high vibrational healing energies such as Shamballa, Mahatma, and the Christ Consciousness;
  • Level 2 – integrates high-vibrational symbols used for specific healing methods and stimulates dormant spiritual potentials;
  • Level 3 – consists of new meditations and symbols focused on developing your connection with your inner self, soul, and divine self;
  • Level 4 – is the master/teacher level. At this stage, you can start exploring the power of the silver-violet flame of Saint Germain and the Sacred Geometry energetic structures for cleansing and protection – Metatron’s Cube, Merkaba star, and Flower of Life;

Shamballa Reiki is a fascinating experience that combines traditional practice with complex healing methods.

While it’s true that growing your knowledge can open the doors for previously untapped opportunities, I believe Shamballa has a special place in awakening your inner potential.