Enrich Your Practice Through The Pillar of Light

​Reiki, as well as other practices, offer methods that might seem “outside the box” and go beyond the rather classic approach.

Some of these methods were either less known or added by practitioners later on.

This is how Reiki evolves and why a symbol, for example, has certain uses, but it’s not limited to them.

Others can be discovered with time – it’s a way to enrich the practice and even enhance some techniques.

So, apart from self-treatment, Reiki has a few methods (or techniques) that can be extremely useful when time is scarce.

These methods can cleanse, activate and facilitate the universal energy to flow freely through your body.

Among them, there’s one that belongs to the traditional Usui Reiki system, and it’s called the “Pillar of Light.”

The Pillar Of Light

Usually, this method is used at the end of a Reiki self-treatment or treatment of others.

It acts as the final step in completing the whole cleansing and energizing process. Even so, I initially learned it as a stand-alone method.

I always like to test things beyond their common uses and see how they work. I prefer gaining additional insights before sharing my knowledge.

That’s why I used the “Pillar of Light” outside the Reiki self-treatment.

It was something about this technique that resonated with me. At one point, I was practicing it each morning.

But, because the early hours were not too friendly, I noticed a decrease in performance when I tried to fight fatigue.

(A quick lesson here is that it’s best to use Reiki for yourself when you have time, patience, and nothing, even yourself, can stand in the way.)

Still, the “Pillar of Light” was providing plenty of benefits, so I decided to continue. I took care of my schedule and somehow managed to make my mornings more pleasant.

Usually, it takes about a week of daily practice to see results.

The best thing about this method is that it helps you transition from the stagnant energies you gather throughout the night to a feeling of energy you carry with you during the day.

Another perk is that it only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

For me … it was worth the “effort.”

How To Perform The “Pillar of Light” And Its Benefits

  1. Sit on the edge of your bed with your back straight after you wake up in the morning;
  2. Activate your palms. If you are level 1, just rub them thoroughly. For level 2 or higher, activate the Reiki symbols;
  3. Place one hand on the lower back of your head and one hand on the sacral area (the lower lumbar area);
  4. Stay like this for a few minutes or as much as you feel like;
  5. Playing high-vibrational music can also help;


Here are some of the benefits of doing the “Pillar of Light” each morning. Feel free to explore it further and allow yourself to discover new ones.

  • Cleansing the main energy channel that connects the 7 primary chakras;
  • The back projections of these chakras will become energized;
  • Your whole body will benefit from a significant boost of energy, and you’ll gradually remove fatigue;
  • The residual and negative energies within your energetic fields will diminish into small structures that can be later on cleansed with ease;
  • You’ll gain clarity and raise your vibration;
  • You’ll benefit from a better flow of the universal life force energy throughout the day. This will improve your overall mood and health;

Do this daily for 3 weeks and try to be aware of how you feel.

Remember that even if it takes only a few minutes, it’s a very efficient technique.

Consider A Full Reiki Self-Treatment

If time allows it and you’re able to perform the full self-treatment daily, finish with this exercise.

The “Pillar of Light” will increase the effect by about 20%. That’s how powerful it is.

You’ll probably don’t have to wait 3 weeks to see results. The first signs of increased energy should become present within the first few days.