The Underrated Reiki Method That’s Always There For You

Have you ever wondered how to use Reiki and its symbols in public spaces?

Maybe you’re around people with who you don’t feel comfortable sharing this passion.

Maybe you’re among strangers and don’t want to look awkward.

It’s something I encounter a lot.

Some would say: ‘You shouldn’t care what others think.’

True …

But even if you are not bothered by the presence of others, I still believe we shouldn’t influence whoever is around with our methods by performing them in the open.

I find Reiki to work best when I focus on myself or the person who asked for my help. Even if I have good intentions, I never interfere in someone else’s life without their consent … even if it’s indirectly.

So …

How can one use Reiki in such situations without affecting the people around?

Let me share a short story:

I was once invited to an anniversary, and I was aware that the people attending the gathering shared vastly different opinions.

Moreover, they are the feisty type.

This wasn’t an issue.

I knew what I was getting into and planned to enjoy myself and the presence of everyone involved.

Yet, it didn’t take long before things got tense.

I wasn’t even in that conversation. Still, the protagonists poured their frustration on the dinner table without good reason.

Others simply listened and struggled to approve from time to time.

When I saw that the argument was escalating like a rash you keep scratching with satisfaction but only gets worse, I decided to intervene.

Without moving my hands or lips, I visualized a large Sei He Ki above the center of the table. My intention was to bring harmony by dissolving the negative energies that were building up.

Notice that I haven’t placed the symbol on any person. Instead, I simply visualized it in a neutral area without involving anyone in particular.

The Reiki symbol slowly brought its energy into the physical plane and let the guests calm down.

It didn’t take long before they relaxed and continued the conversation without arguing. Somehow they agreed on the topic and moved on. The tension gradually dissolved, and the evening went smoothly from there on.

The key element in this situation was ‘visualization.’

The same principle can work for:

  • Connecting to the flow of the universal life force energy;
  • Activating symbols on your chakras or your whole body;
  • Sending energy to your present and future;
  • Cleanse food and drinks when you are eating in a public place;
  • Enhancing communication between you and another person;
  • And many more…;

​Be creative!

Use your intention and power of visualization when you prefer not to use your hands.

Remember that once attuned to Reiki, you gain access to the universal life force energy. This means you also acquire the ability to guide it towards your goal with a clear intention.

Just be aware not to place energy or symbols on someone else without their consent.

Can You Do The Same In Self-Treatment

Well … you can.

Still, to have a complete blend of physical, energetic, and spiritual elements, it’s best to use the physical touch when you practice on yourself.

This will enable a faster transfer of energy and a clear response of the universal energy.

Ideally, you should combine all elements.

When certain situations don’t meet these conditions, then the right intention (mental-energetic) + visualization (mental-spiritual) are excellent alternatives.