Does The Reiki Light Actually Work

Without light, you rotten from the inside …

You don’t see it at first.

You know something is happening, but you don’t mind it until it shows on the outside.

It doesn’t have to be a severe affection. Your skin might speak to you. Maybe your behavior changes without you noticing. Anger, fear, and lack of patience are now episodes occurring with unprecedented frequency.

These are common.

But, their power lies in their ability to go unnoticed.

An Experiment That Stuck With Me

I still remember returning home after working abroad for 2 years.

It’s been a fun ride, but I often felt lonely. I tried to practice Reiki as much as I could. Being overwhelmed with everything happening around me at the time made it very challenging.

Eventually, this got to me, and I experienced a lot of anxiety and self-doubt.

When I returned home, it felt like those chilly, rainy mornings when I could hide under my warm blanket and feel protected by my mother’s presence.

I started attending my teacher’s Reiki classes again.

And … it struck me from the very first visit.

When I entered his office, two identical glass jars were sitting on a dark wooden table next to his desk. They were filled with freshly steamed rice.

One said … “With light”

The other … “Without light”

The effect of seeing those jars stuck with me until this day. It was like a message was instantly projected on my brain, saying: “Remember how powerful Reiki is … welcome home!”

Here’s what happened…

My Reiki teacher performed an experiment.

The rice inside the jars was very different. When I arrived, they had been sitting there for almost a month. Even though the rice was from the same pot, one was still looking fresh and white, while the other was darkening.


Because, together with our teacher, each student sent Reiki every day for 10 minutes to the jar labeled “With light”.

The other was left alone, and the process was already in place.

It was rotting from the inside.

After five or six months, the “With light” jar still had its rice white. The other was disintegrating, getting darker by the day, and growing fungus and bacteria all over its surface.

We’re not much different.

And that’s when a visual example can have a stronger impact than theory.

Reiki with and without Reiki light - ReikiScoop

If you practice Reiki regularly, smile, and are at peace with yourself and others, all your cells will start regenerating. Your body reacts to positivity and, with the help of the divine light, can even heal imbalances.

The reverse is also true.

Negative energies, even unwanted entities, can’t wait to find a breach in a weak system and develop in their new host.

That’s why we become what we do and think every day.

You Are Rice

We’re all humans.

We laugh, suffer, get tired, and make mistakes, but we can also enjoy most days.

In the end, it’s a choice.

Whatever happens, keep in mind that you can only reach a positive outcome with a positive attitude. Even if things go sideways from time to time, even if it seems impossible to recover, know that you have the required strength within you.

And .. things do get off track. It’s normal.

What’s crucial is to be aware when it happens and always try to work it out. Reiki has the power to support that journey. It’s a beautiful way to reinstate balance and find inner peace.

You might feel less of it sometimes. This doesn’t mean it’s absent. Reiki will always help you grow gradually. It won’t be intrusive.

Therefore, it will never manifest like a tsunami. Rather, it will slowly help you to understand the root of your imbalances and heal them in your own optimum way.

Whenever you feel lost or maybe lack confidence, reconnect to the light. Practice Reiki, and you will see, before your eyes, how the “rice” becomes cleansed again.