Explore The Underrated Healing Power Of Sounds

Spiritual practices use many of the ‘unseen’ components of the universe to help us find balance and guidance.

Connecting with them takes time and practice, but they provide a beautiful and gentle way of addressing our well-being.

Working with universal energy is a life-long discovery process. And… as we progress in our spiritual journey, we realize its strong link with physical elements.

Theta Healing, Qi Gong, Reiki, and other energy healing disciplines often use them to amplify the overall effect of the therapy or focus on specific issues.

Such elements may include…

Heated or burned incense – like frankincense, myrrh, or Palo Santo;

Crystals – which vary according to their energetic and spiritual purpose. Some crystals absorb negative energies, while others amplify the universal energy flow;

Candles – those made of natural wax can transmute negative into positive energy, while those made of paraffin will purify a space;

Symbols – placed on a wall can significantly increase the vibration of the room;

While all the above are excellent physical elements to experiment with, there’s one that stands out…

High-Vibrational Sounds

It’s no secret that music has the power to change one’s mood.

Whether we talk about heavy metal or classical tunes, music will quickly and visibly take someone from one state to another.

This happens because sounds sit right between the border of the physical and spiritual realms.


While we can perceive other earthly elements through multiple senses, hearing is the only ability that enables us to experience sounds.

Being so close to our mental and emotional levels, these vibrations can become very impactful. For example, they can change anxiety into serenity, depression into joyfulness, and anger into calmness.

Of course, the reverse is also true.

Each of us has unique preferences and will resonate accordingly, hence the reason why so many types of music exist in the first place.

However, there are universally accepted tunes that have specific roles in the human psyche. These can stimulate opposing desires like dancing vs. relaxing.

Among them, you’ll also find “miracle tones” or “divine solfeggio” frequencies that have the potential to cleanse your energy fields and the environment you find yourself in.

How Do Miracle Tones Work

Physically – These tunes influence your structure from the cellular level, rising up through the tissue, joints, and bones.

Energetically – on their path, they cleanse your chakras, energy fields, and channels from residual energies and blockages.

Spiritually – they help you enter a meditative state and potentially enable you to access higher levels of consciousness.

What High-Vibrational Sounds Should You Consider

Each tune offers a certain vibration level and resonates with a specific body area for cleansing and healing.

9 solfeggios rise above the rest and go as follows:

  • 174 Hz – helps alleviate physical pain and traumas;
  • 285 Hz – allows the physical body to regenerate faster;
  • 396 Hz – has the potential of removing fear and guild from the past and present;
  • 417 Hz – helps remove negative and residual energies that belong to past traumas;
  • 432 Hz – re-stabilizes your connection with the Divine source and brings harmony to your energy fields as well as the surrounding environment;
  • 528Hz – helps re-structure DNA sequences to the original divine ones. This process leads to physical and mental healing while balancing your emotional state;
  • 639 Hz – promotes harmony, healthy communication, and understanding;
  • 741 Hz – helps dissolve toxins and directs your attention toward the physical healing process;
  • 852 Hz – promotes healthy communication with your spirit guides and higher self by removing energetic blockages;
  • 963 Hz – will support your efforts in uniting you with your higher self and the universal life force energy;
  • 1111 Hz – a unique frequency that will help you connect to the energy of certain angels and archangels who will act as overseers of the physical realm and protectors of humankind;

What To Look For Moving Forward

Many more solfeggio frequencies exist, but these are the main ones.

You’ll only have to search for tunes that correspond to these values to enjoy the benefits of high-vibrational sounds.

Mantras and prayer chants are also great examples you can consider. The healing effect will amplify in their case due to the additional divine energy.

My recommendation is to experiment and see what works for you. Free yourself of any goals and allow the sounds to guide you. After a few sessions, you’ll undoubtedly favor some over others. As you progress in this exercise, you’ll become more accustomed to their effects and, therefore, be able to be pickier when looking for specific outcomes.